A Comprehensive Guide for On-Demand Laundry App Development

On-Demand Laundry App Development
May 24, 2021

It came a long way when individuals were concerned about doing their own laundry at a public place. The industry has been evolving for a decade, and on-demand mobile applications have transformed businesses like never before. These apps are influencing everyone’s daily life. On-demand laundry solutions have created a platform that addresses individuals’ requirements for washing and cleaning when they don’t have enough time to do that.

If we talk about the revenue in the Laundry care section, it costs $87,949 million in the year 2021 according to Statista. The market is about to rise yearly by 1.49%. (CAGR 2021-2025)

The on-demand economy is drawing more than 22.4m customers annually and the spending is near to $57.6b, according to Harvard Business Review.

Let’s begin with What is an On-Demand App?

On-demand apps act as a linking layer between the consumers and several service providers and vice versa. With these apps, users can demand any service and get it delivered within minutes along with affordable prices. Most organizations are serving on-demand app development solutions to enhance their business and build revenue. Also, it obtains a great advantage and strong impact to address end-user expectations.

The best examples are real-time taxi booking app- Uber, food delivery app- Zomato, for accommodation- Airbnb app, and much more like these.

An Approach to follow for on-demand app development

Plan a Project

After a firm grasp of the concept, it is required to plan a project. It is vital to analyze every tiny detail like the prime objective to build an app, a list of essential features, competitor analysis, and the unique functionalities you will offer that differ your app from the rest.

Make a Project Scope

It is necessary to shed some light on the several resources you will need starting from the mobile app development to deployment and even after deployment services. You can also get connected with a top-notch mobile app development company by discussing all the app-relevant formalities to convert your ideas into real-life applications.

Financial Management

Planning for a budget is one of the fundamental aspects before beginning the mobile app development process. Adjust your budget according to your requirements or vice versa adjust your requirements with your budget. The finance sector depends on the number of exclusive features you need to integrate with the solution.

Designing and Development

Your hired agencies or dedicated developers will begin with the design by outlining prototypes to be more interactive with the end users. They need approval from your side to go ahead with the same. Developers will also start the development process by keeping in mind all the coding standards.


At last, you need to deploy an app on the app marketplace such as Google Play Store/Apple App Store. Do not worry if your app gets rejected from the major app stores as there is an option for third-party app stores. You need all the essential documents from the hired mobile app development agency.

Understanding of Required Features

Have a look at the below-mentioned features from different perspectives of customers, delivery man, and admin.

From Customer’s Perspective

  • Signup/login: Customers can sign up or log in from their social media accounts or mobile numbers. There is no need to fill up all the details manually.
  • Types of services: Customers can choose the type of services they need according to clothing’s material, machine wash, hand wash, the need for special care, and detergent choices.
  • Cost estimation: When customers add the number of clothes and material type, an app will showcase the estimated price for overall service.
  • Pickup time: Customers can arrange pickup by adding date and time into the app for doorstep pickup service.
  • Choose Laundryman: Customers will get options to select services from a preferred laundryman.
  • Order Status: Customers can track the service status after placing an order. The laundryman will keep updating all the information regarding an order.
  • Order Cancellation: There are in-built features to notify a laundryman about the immediate cancellation of orders from the customers. Booking gets canceled instantly when customers need it.
  • Customer Reviews: Customers can provide feedback for the delivery and laundryman services.
  • My Offers: Customers can take a look at their offers and loyalty points through their app profiles.
  • Notifications: App will notify customers according to the changes in the laundry’s status and keep them updated throughout the whole service.
  • Payment options: Customers can pay online through credit/debit card, Net banking, or any other payment gateways.

From Delivery Man’s Perspective

  • Signup/login: Delivery men can sign up or log in from their social media accounts or mobile numbers. There is no need to fill up all the details manually.
  • Earning Tracking: Delivery men can track the earnings throughout a particular journey or view details of their overall income.
  • Map integration: The delivery man can utilize a map that will guide the laundry pick-up points.
  • Pickup and Delivery Requests: An app has a module to enable delivery men to receive pick-up and delivery requests.

From Admin’s Perspective

  • Laundryman Management: Easily manage all the activities of the laundryman within an admin panel.
  • Laundry Category Manager: Manage different categories according to various product/service types along with assigned managers with each category.
  • CMS: Admin can manage all the content about different services relevant to customers and laundrymen.
  • User Management: Admin can manage all the activities of users. Whether it is a customer or a laundryman, everything can be managed from the admin panel.
  • Commission Management: Enable efficient management of the users’ commission and service partner’s payment.
  • Analytical data: Maintain the data of a total number of users, active users, and service partners for the future perspective.

Process of developing on-demand Laundry App

UI-UX/Front-end User Development

  • User-friendly and intuitive design is the key reason to attract users and retain them. It is necessary to analyze competitors and target audience pain points, to outline an appealing design for the laundry app.
  • Organize content properly without overloading the UI with plenty of pictures and icons. Do not use a single screen to keep all the information.
  • To create an optimistic first impression, develop a simple yet appealing UI.
  • Make use of animations to enhance the usability of the app.

Back-end Development

  • Admin Panel: Effectively manage all the details of payments, laundryman, customers, orders, commissions, analytics, and content management.
  • Customer panel: This aspect of laundry apps can contain customer profiles with customer’s personal information like name, address, and mobile number along with a set of features that enable customers to simplify the whole process starting from signup to payment options.
  • Delivery panel: This is for the service provider or a laundryman who receives orders from the customers and manages everything starting from the signup to overall earning tracking and pickup requests.
  • Laundry panel: Manage information about types of services (dry cleaning or wash and fold), the number of orders, types of materials, extra care is needed or not, and delivery status.


  • The testing phase is one of the most essential components when it comes to mobile app development. The high quality is what excels at the end.
  • The testing process is performed in a systematic way to ensure all requirements are addressed.
  • Quality assurance is what all customers need for any service/product. By following a rigorous approach towards testing the application, an app can stand ahead in the ever-evolving competition.

Influencing factors to the cost of on-demand laundry app development

  • The number of functionalities and advanced features you need to add can affect the overall cost of app development.
  • The price will get higher if you want customization according to your requirements while developing and designing.
  • If you want to integrate different online payment gateways along with their fees per transaction, it can also influence the final product development cost.
  • Last but not least, the geolocation of the vendor developing your on-demand mobile app can affect the price.

End Line

On-demand apps are intended to offer effective services to consumers directly with just a few finger tappings. That is the reason people are finding on-demand apps very convenient in their day-to-day life. Paying attention to the existing market situation, it can be stated that the demand for on-demand apps services is going to overstay and also start influencing different emerging sectors.

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