Why Single Page Application is All You Need for a Seamless User Experience?

Why Single Page Application is All You Need for a Seamless User Experience?
June 8, 2021

Single Page Application (SPA) is the best choice for your business if you are eager to deliver appealing, unique, and persistent user experience through your application. Nowadays, being user-centric and sustainable is the only way to achieve your business objectives. That is the reason plenty of organizations are transforming toward Single Page App Development. They know it will surely deliver better ways to offer a seamless customer experience. But there are many of us still confused about what SPA actually is. So let’s begin with the definition.

Single Page Application – Definition

As the name itself depicts, Single Page Applications has only one page that is loaded for one time only. If a user interacts and requests any data, only that much data will be refreshed rather than the whole page. There is no need for page reloads and no wastage of time. This can happen because of JavaScript’s ability to change the DOM elements on the current page itself.

Google Maps, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Gmail, Paypal, and Pinterest are the giants whose apps have also been developed by leveraging SPAs.

SPA Architecture and How it Functions?

When a user requests the browser to visit any web page, a browser sends a request to the server. A server responds with the HTML file. When it comes to SPA, a server sends an HTML file once and, on the first request only. JSON data will be sent on subsequent requests (AJAX) from the user.

Single Page Appllication

In simple words, SPAs will rewrite the content on the existing page rather than the initial page load to respond to user activities. So, no need to wait until a page reloads fully. The dynamic content loading on the SPAs delivers a lively experience to the visitors.

Single Page Application with Angular vs. React vs. Vue?

Evaluating a JavaScript framework for your web app can be mind-blowing. Let’s compare some of the features and functionalities that help decide a suitable one for your next SPA development project.

_ Angular React Vue
Type Javascript Framework Open source JS Library Progressive Javascript Framework
Version 11.2.0 17.0.2 3.0.11
Website angularjs.org reactjs.org vuejs.org
Watchers 3.2k 6.7k 6.3k
Stars 70.9k 164k 200.8k
Contributors 1,352 1,533 382
Forks 18.6k 32.9k 31.7k
Learning curve Steep (Learn Typescript) Moderate Easy
Coding speed Slow Normal Fast
Startup time Longer (Large Codebase) Quick Quick
Data Binding Bi-directional Uni-directional Bi-directional
Complete Web Apps Used on a standalone basis Needs to integrate with other tools Need third-party tools
Code reusability Yes No. Only CSS Yes. CSS & HTML
Rendering Client side Server side Server side
Model MVC Virtual Virtual
When to use Production, enterprise apps with Material UI Production, Custom UI apps Startups, Production
Scalability Modular development structure Component-based approach Template-based approach
Migrations API upgrade React codemod script Migration helper tool
Architecture Component-based Component-based Component-based

Single Page Applications Benefits and Disadvantages

Similar to any other technologies available in the mobile industry, Single Page Apps also have ill effects even though having plenty of benefits. Take a look at some of them.



Single Page Application Examples

Take a look at some of the giants delivering user-friendly web experiences with Single Page Applications that will inspire you.

So, what can we conclude here?

An ever-growing set of tools and technologies have assisted developers to offer a lot of dynamic and interactive web apps. Examples are seen everywhere with the increase of Single Page Applications.

Superb customer experience is what users require these days and SPAs will definitely help you with the same. So a profound analysis of your requirements, plans, and desires, along with definite knowledge of SPA features, will guide you to make the right decision.

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