9 Steps to Turn Your Ideas into Product [Complete Guide]

9 Steps to Turn Your Ideas into Product
March 18, 2020

Do you have a killer idea for product development? Are you looking for the best products to be developed to make your business grow? Maybe, you have thought of a great business concept, and are looking for experts to guide you on the product development process. Bringing invention ideas into a product isn’t an easy task. It may require a lot of homework and research to build a tangible product that helps you make money.

Right from the ideation process to the successful delivery of the product, you need to be on your toes to make sure that you’re moving ahead in the right direction. To transform your million-dollar idea into a successful product, you require a unique product development strategy in place. Experienced product development companies can help you bring your ingenious idea to reality. Startup owners can discuss the ideas they have in their minds, and look for the best solutions.

A lot of people come to us with innovative ideas and look for ways to transform the initial idea into a money-generating new product. We stay connected with the clients and help them understand the current market scenario, and provide the best suggestions for building an outstanding product to help them achieve their business objectives. We can take care of the invention idea and build it into a product that helps you make money. This guide will help entrepreneurs and startups avoid common pitfalls and succeed faster.

You can pick one or two or all the steps and build a successful product for your business.

1. Brainstorm ideas

The first step towards successful product development is brainstorming different ideas. Consider your area of expertise and think of different ways in which you can help people solve particular problems. Make a list of things that interest you. Try to collect ideas from your friends or family members too. Once you have a list of ideas, you can think of suitable opportunities.

2. Solve a problem

Ask yourself – How can your business idea solve the users’ problems? Some businesses that focus on solving the target audience’s problem succeed faster. For instance, you can help people manage their accounts and finances better by building an out of the box accounting software. Or you may come up with a unique photo editing app to help users customize their pictures. Another example of a great app could be an on-demand mobile app that eases the lives of the users. A fitness tracker app can also be a good idea to help users stay healthy and fit. There are endless ways in which you can solve the users’ problems. All you need to do is identify the users’ problems and provide the best solution with the help of an amazing product.

3. Research the market

Once you’ve decided upon the idea for product development services, you need to conduct online market research to find out whether the problem would be viable for the market. Does your product have too many competitors in the market already?

Review the competition and try to build a product that is unique and different from the competitors’ products. Identify the channels where you can find the users and try to understand their mindset. Understanding the competition will help you craft the best business plan.

4. Document your ideas and research

Simply having an idea will do no good to your business. Jot down your findings and sketch diagrams before you talk to product development companies. You don’t need a fancy design or apps for the same. Grab a paper and a pen to get started with creating a plan for product development. It would be easier for the product developers to understand your requirements once you have the document ready with the features and functionalities you require to be developed for your product.

5. Define your target audience

To build a solid foundation for your new business, you would need to identify your target audience with different parameters such as age group, gender, location, demographics, and more. You cannot sell your products or services to everyone under the sky. Identify the target audience and their pain points before developing a product. When you know who you are targeting, you would be in a better position to determine the channels you can market them on.

6. Patent

You may want to patent the product. Seek professional help when you need to patent your product. There are 2 types of patents: Utility patent and design patent. Hire expert attorneys to help you with it.

7. Funding

You may need to raise funds from investors for building your product. Do your research in the market and look for the best funding solutions for your startup. Create a presentation with all the useful information so that the potential investors can get all the information about the project. You may have to approach a few investors before you can find one. Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, Appsfunder, and Indiegogo are some of the popular platforms for fundraising. Do not lose hope and keep approaching them to fund your business.

8. Hire the best Product development agency

Once you have everything mentioned above in place, you should start searching for the best product development company. You can conduct online research and talk to a few agencies before hiring one. Many reputed product development companies can help you get the best suggestions for great product development ideas.
Look for experienced professionals who can convert your idea into an awesome product. Have a look at their portfolio and go through the client reviews and testimonials before hiring a company for product development services. Do not hesitate to collect quotes from a few reputed companies and compare them. Consider all the factors when you need to hire the best product development company.

9. Marketing of the product

Once your product is developed, you may need digital marketing solutions to promote your product. As there is a lot of competition in every industry, you may need to invest a significant amount of money for branding and marketing the product. You need to decide upon the budget for marketing services and hire expert digital marketers for the project and get started.

It is advisable to hire an end-to-end service provider for building your product from scratch and marketing it too. Many companies can guide you right from ideation to successful delivery of the product. Most of them have a dedicated team of online marketers to promote your product or services to help you make profits. This will help you save time, effort and money. Search for a reliable agency for product development and marketing services so that you can sit back and wait to see the results.

There are several steps along the journey and you need to take one at a time. There are several other things to consider: Licenses, ways to get money through product development, maintain the business, and a lot more. Following the above-mentioned steps will certainly reduce the burden and help you build an awesome product that helps you generate good profits within no time. It is important to hire the right team to help you enjoy the maximum return on investment. Once you have the product developed, you can celebrate your success and make your business reach new heights.

If you have a unique idea in mind, get in touch with us. Our team of expert consultants would be glad to assist you with the best product development solutions.

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