Top Innovative App Ideas for Successful Healthcare Business

Healthcare Business
April 27, 2021

Smartphones and a range of gadgets have become daily life partner for many. This is the reason why people depend on mobile applications for finding solutions for different health issues. As per a report of Grand View Research, the global mHealth market size is expected to reach in 2027 by USD 316.8 billion.

Every year millions are spent by people for healthcare services still, it can be said that there is a gap in offering and getting high-quality services equally across the mass. This means on average people end up spending more on such services while are not sure about getting quality in return.

The best way to fill this gap is to come up with innovative solutions and this is where healthcare apps come in. Here in this post, we will be discussing such few mHealth app ideas which can be beneficial both for the consumers as well as to the healthcare industry.

1. On-demand doctor app

Just think about a situation where you are feeling feverish in the middle of the night while you are on a holiday in a different country. The first reaction may be to take up some medicine you are carrying without looking into the cause. This might even give you some relief to an extent.

Contrary, you either have the option to wait till morning before getting help or connect with some professional at that point in time directly.

Let’s focus on the second option and this is where the concept of On-Demand Doctor app comes in!

Doctor On-Demand is a new concept where the user can get connected with doctor 24*7 just by using a mobile device. Before you start investing in such an app business, you will need to come up with a list of doctors who are good in their field and can partner with you. You need to be sure that such doctors will be able to offer video call consultation to the patients over your developed app.

2. Healthcare app for women’s wellbeing

Think about developing an app that addresses most of the common issues faced by women! Such kind of app can be a huge success for your business in general. An app can be developed to resolve a medical issue, to track the menstrual cycle, or to relieve from hormonal anxiety issues.

You can come up with different app ideas in this space. You can either have an app developed which focuses on an issue or one that provides a complete list of dieticians, gynecologists, etc. Such kind of app can easily become an ideal resource among women.

Moreover, you can even think about including the feature of chat or video call consultation within the app. In short, it is up to you to decide what all you want to offer up there.

3. Appointment booking app

The appointment booking app increases convenience both for doctors and patients equally. Many hospitals and doctors have already started to invest in developing an appointment booking app. Such an app will let the patients check for the availability of the doctor and then based on that book an appointment.

Coming up with a social platform is another thing that can be done in this area. So based on the illness or issue, the patients will be able to get connected with the doctors on such a platform and book for a consultation. They will be able to fix an appointment or ask for a home visit in this manner.

4. Health reminder apps

Such apps have been developed with the agenda to send reminders to the patients or app users regarding performing certain tasks and reaching some set health goals. Say, for example, it is possible to come up with a medication reminder app which checks the dosage of the medicine taken, monitor the taken pills, and set reminder regarding taking pills.

Similarly, a reminder app can even be developed for the purpose of sending reminders to the users to take water at regular intervals so as to keep one hydrated as needed.

5. Healthcare app for lifestyle diseases

When we talk about different healthcare apps, Lifestyle Disease Management seems to be an important one. It is important to offer regular and continuous care for chronic diseases. This means it is a very good idea for a startup to invest in this area and explore the opportunities.

Such kind of application can be used to monitor the health of the patients every day or on set regular intervals. Based on the conditions, medical experts can be made accessible to patients. It is even possible to connect with the local service providers like doctors and clinics and come up with a strong database. Such a service will enable the user to take instant action.

Integrating IoT into the healthcare app is also a good idea and this will help you take your app to the next level. This will enable the doctors to schedule virtual meetings and to conduct remote monitoring as a part of getting in touch with patients. This means the introduction of IoT will reduce the chances of errors while improving patient care.

6. Mental health app

Some of the top mental illness that we experience today among people is depression, stress, and an unhappy lifestyle. It is possible and effective to come up with a mobile app in this healthcare sector to help people who are struggling with such illnesses.

In a general case, an ideal healthcare app is developed to monitor the mental health of the app users and help them in case of any issues. You can come up with different app ideas as needed.

Wysa is one such application that is actually a therapy chatbot that works as a coach, mood tracker, mood-boosting buddy, and as a helper of anxiety.

Say, for example, lack of sleep is another common issue faced by people in terms of mental illness. Excessive work pressure or busy schedule leads many to sleep-deprived conditions. So, here you can either come up with an effective schedule to help them get proper rest or offer relaxing music therapy as needed. Apps can even be developed to help people overcome different phobias.

7. Personal medical records app

A personal medical record app is actually an application that works like a journal. This helps the patient to share information like their personal information and health records with the doctors or clinics before actually making an appointment. Such kind of information will let the doctors get details of the patient’s history and based on that suggest the next medical step and medicines.

8.Weight-loss / diet-tracker app

A sedentary lifestyle has started to create many health issues among people and so millennials who are now part of busy working culture are looking for some app options that can help them with a healthy diet and proper w plan.

As per the Polaris Market Research, by 2026 the fitness app market is expected to reach by $15.96. This means applications related with diet tracking and weight loss can expect to reach farther in the coming years. For example, FatSecret is one such application that counts calories and diet. This app monitors the dietary intake on a daily basis and lets the users stay fit. The app even comes with regular features like a weight tracker, barcode scanner, and diet calendar.

So from the business point, you can invest in app development that can benefit the people in terms of staying fit and healthy. You need to keep in mind that such an app needs to have a GPS feature included in it as it has been developed for monitoring reasons.

9. Medicine price comparison app

The prices of medicines differ from one chemist store to another and this is the reason why a customer visits different stores before coming to a decision to purchase.

This is where a price comparison app can help the healthcare sector as it will help the user to know the prices of prescription medicines at different stores in a go.

GoodRx is one such application that helps in the price comparison of medicines for customers. This offers some very important information regarding the prices of medicines at local pharmacies in real-time and offers customized saving alerts.

So here all that the user needs to do is to enter the name of the drug and the price of it in different pharmacies within the locality will be shown by the app.

So, for consumers, such an application plays a key role in helping them save enough money in the process.

10. Medical training via virtual surgery

The use of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality based healthcare apps have improved the manner in which medical training is conducted. Now medical interns and surgeons can experience and perform a surgery with the right feel just like in real-time by the use of AR/VR headsets and controllers. The haptic feedback system provides a more realistic sensational experience that comes from the use of different medical instruments.

The simulator is so much like real-life and it offers surgeons almost actual control over procedures.

11. App for chronic disease management

Chronic diseases need to be checked regularly and some of them are diabetes, blood pressure, liver or kidney disease, etc. Having an app to check and manage such chronic disease can seem to be a perfect solution for a startup business.

Such kind of apps encourage the users to know more about their illness, keep a tab of it regularly, and even offer the list of professionals that are available in the locality. As a business, you can even work towards collaborating with doctors, clinics, or hospitals so as to let the patients directly connect with them.

12. Online therapy apps

Online therapy apps are focused on ensuring therapy is accessible and available for everyone. Such apps prove to be boon to those patients who have hesitation in meeting the doctor in-person or are in no position to travel to places to talk about their physical or mental issues.

Chatbot or messaging features are included in the app which helps the patients to interact with doctors. The app can make such features available for free or for a fee. The app even offers a feature where doctors or therapists can connect with other experts to learn more about trending treatment procedures or the use of technologies in their field.

Final thoughts

To keep it simple, there is a huge opportunity in developing apps for the healthcare sector. If you do it the right way, you have a good chance of reaching the consumers effectively and turning their life towards healthier days. So, it is up to you to decide whether you are ready to get ahead in that direction or not!

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