Top 12 React Native Examples to Look for in 2022

July 5, 2022


React Native is the first framework committed to providing cross-platform app development. Since its emergence, several companies and startups from various industries have utilized this technology.

React Native integrates the functionality of hybrid and native applications, wherein iOS and Android versions of the same app use more than half of the codebase. As a result, it quickens the development process. Above all, it offers a native user experience.

Big Names in the tech field like Walmart and Discord leverage React Native in their mobile applications. Let us explore some more of these brands that deploy this technology.

Top React Native Examples You Need to Know


Klarna was developed in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2005. The main motive behind its emergence was to ease online shopping. This app has advanced and changed everything around us in the last few years. However, the goal behind using it remains to make the payment secure, simple, and smooth.

Klarna is the primary service for shopping and international payments. It makes purchasing more intelligent and flexible. The bucket of this app consists of up to 147 million active clients in over 45 countries. With this app, you get after-pay delivery options, payment plans, and delivery choices with a click on your smartphone. As a result, it empowers clients to pay according to their preferences.


Petal has brought a financial revolution to the tech world. The app utilizes modern technology to help people solve their financial troubles or debts. Moreover, it uses millions of other data points to enable people to become eligible for credit.

The app consists of two cards; PETAL 1 and PETAL 2.

PETAL 1 empowers people to enhance their credit scores with no annual charge.

PETAL 2 is an advanced card that offers incentives of a cash back card with no charge. Moreover, it does not involve any annual fee, late payment, foreign transaction, or other fees.

Petal allows you to track your credit scores, plan a budget, handle subscriptions, and view your accounts. Thus, it gives you complete control over your money.


Chime is a mobile banking app that manages your expenses and savings, along with tracking your transactions. You can operate this app on any Android or iPhone device. Moreover, it enables you to handle money transfers, bills, and deposits trouble-free. It increases your savings automatically without any hassle of paying monthly fees repeatedly.

It sends notifications related to your account balance. Additionally, it sends transaction alerts each time you use your debit card. You do not require to log in to your account while using Chime. 


Top publishers directly connect with Teads at an international level. Every month, around 1.2 million users link with the app. It has reached a wide range of audiences than Facebook or YouTube. The motive of this app is to empower top international publishers to resolve primary issues in the industry.


With Lime, you can book your ride with electric vehicles like mopeds, scooters, and bikes. The primary benefit of the app is that it offers a carbon-free ride irrespective of time and place.

You can access this app in more than 150 cities worldwide. You can use this app to ride to your work, friends, or anywhere you need. The goal behind developing this app is to provide a carbon-free atmosphere in cities while making the environment cleaner.


Pier is a mobile app that helps you cover robbery and theft. It is one of the few companies to offer this kind of coverage. Moreover, you also get insurance cover for your mobile devices that do not have an invoice, irrespective of new, used, or bought from other countries.

You can get these perks when you subscribe to the app. It means that you have to pay monthly. The subscription protects your phone immediately with the approval of documents with no grace period.


They developed Gympass in Brazil to enable firms to pay for employees’ fitness benefits. The company developed a three-sided marketplace of over 35,000 Brazilian gyms that facilitates gyms, enterprises, and employees. Gympass has become a global leader with success in about 14 countries. Moreover, it has extended its network with over 55,000 gyms that give access to over 11 million eligible employees.


The education sector has transformed drastically with the emergence of technology. It replaced notebooks and blackboards with smart screens on mobile devices and tablets. Moreover, new methodologies and gadgets have been integrated into the education system.

Today, a wide range of education apps have emerged in the market. Quero is one of these apps that allows students to connect with educational institutions. It is gaining momentum with the increasing number of students and institutions joining the app.


Lido is India’s prominent limited group online coaching platform for subjects like Coding, English, Science, and Math for students of KG to 12. When students learn in small groups, they get an opportunity to learn on a one-to-one basis with tutors. Moreover, it gives them with benefits of peer learning and collective studying.


Mobile apps have made every task easier for people. They can accomplish their tasks sitting on their couches with only one click. When we talk about errands, ordering food has become one of the most basic and frequent ones. Today, you have apps for ordering your favourite dish through a mobile app.

Starship is one of the popular apps built on React Native that delivers your food via a self-driving robot. These robots are advanced and autonomous devices to carry stuff over a short distance at a lower cost. With this app, you can get groceries, food, and parcels directly from stores and restaurants at your doorstep.

Starship offers safety and security by moving at pedestrian speed with a lower weight of up to 100 pounds. Moreover, they lock the cargo bay mechanically throughout the journey, and the recipient can only open it with their mobile app. Apart from this, you can track the robot to know its exact location and receive a notification on arrival.

The whole delivery system is cost-effective and energy-saving. Therefore, you can use it for a wide range of responsibilities. It can help you save a lot on packages, food, and groceries with minimum cost. Since this app delivers through an electronic robot, it promotes a clean and green environment.


Unibuddy is another educational mobile app that empowers students who look forward to joining the world’s largest study platform abroad or online. This app allows them to communicate realistically with their peers to discuss and decide on their study programs.

With this app, universities have an opportunity to present their student representatives in front of millions of students using study portals. It will help them compare and search for study opportunities abroad at educational institutes worldwide.

Unibuddy is a prominent educational platform for peer-to-peer study internationally. Student ambassadors are the core of this system. It enables potential students to connect in real-time with their student representatives. As a result, universities can build a community of students and maintain a relationship throughout their journey. Additionally, students can connect with their ambassadors relevant to their course, region, or country. It allows them to inquire about everything they need to know related to their profile.


As we know, mobile apps have entered our lives and made everything easier the health sector is no exception. Yes, you read that right. Apps related to healthcare have hit the market successfully. One of these apps is Practo which makes quality wellbeing affordable and accessible for all Indians. It provides the most precise, inclusive, and curated details and care. As a result, this app helps you make wiser healthcare decisions.

Over 10,000 clinics with more than 500 clients across 1200 services use Practo. It also has Labs to test the collected samples. Moreover, the app is connected to a network of authorized pharmacies in the country.

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When you build an application, the selection of a language, technology, or framework becomes challenging. This decision affects your business in various ways. React native app development has proven to promote high-performance apps. Also, it provides an efficient user experience for OS such as Android and iOS. However, when developing your business app, making the right decision is always challenging

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