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Threads New Communication Platform
August 11, 2023


Threads is another feather in the cap for Meta, one of the Big Five American IT companies. Can we call this newly launched app a strong competitor of Twitter? Or, Is Threads just a text-sharing supplement for Instagram? Read on to get answers to these questions. Let’s delve into some interesting facts and the role Threads is set to perform in social media marketing.

Interesting Threads Facts

1. Record-breaker App- Yes!

One hundred million users in just five days of launching- Threads has achieved this rare feat to become the fastest-growing app in history. Achieving this milestone has made Threads ahead of ChatGPT which took two months to reach the 100 million mark. Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Threads has got over thirty million people in just 24 hours of launching on July 5. Now, another surprise! Though Threads has got over 70 million startups (which is way beyond the company’s expectations as well!) how about knowing that it is not available in the EU yet?

“Zuck Quote”

Zuck Quote

2. Not in the EU Yet- Sorry!

Yes, it’s true! Threads launched in around 100 countries worldwide but not in any European country to date. It is due to the new Digital Markets Act that limits data-sharing capabilities for various technology companies. This is a reason why the parent company of Threads, Meta has taken an approach of wait-and-watch before rolling out the initial version of Threads in the European Union. Let’s find out whether Threads is a supplement to Instagram or looks like one of its features.

3. Instagram Notes- That’s It?

“Threads on App Store”

Elevate your Instagram interactions with Threads and stay connected like never before.

“Threads on Google Play”

Threads on Google Play

Both Apple App Store and Google Play Store show the title as ‘Threads, an Instagram app’. Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri has revealed that Threads won’t be directly implemented on Instagram but rather remains a separate app. The inside story is- Meta has had its wish to make a Twitter rival. An ‘Instagram Notes’ feature in Instagram was one of the steps in that direction. It was supposed to be a message board with text-based updates like that on Twitter. Threads is a new app that reflects Instagram Notes. How about seeing its impact as Twitter’s competitor?

4.Twitter Killer’- Really?

Threads is the epitome of what we call an overnight success. New statistics are more surprising. It says Threads has already gained one-fifth of the weekly active users of Twitter across the world and 86 times the weekly active users of the largest American rival of Twitter, Truth Social. What’s more, the momentum for Threads is far from over. Can we consider Threads as the biggest competitor of Twitter now, or do you want more proof? Here is a report on Thread’s global market share since launch.

“Threads Market Share”

Threads Market Share

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Threads- Top Features that Businesses Can Use

Threads is aimed at boosting business connectivity. As a refreshingly new and efficient solution for business communication, Threads can increase engagement significantly. Entrepreneurs who want to know about the business potential for Threads should read the following portion-

Seamless Sharing

As mentioned above, Twitter is an Instagram app and integrates seamlessly with Instagram. As a result, businesses can get a convenient platform to share content visually with their customers or followers. Be it a new product display or highlighting success stories, Threads makes it possible. Integration with Instagram also makes sure that customers do not miss out on any updates, ever.

Streamlined Communication

Business persons and entrepreneurs can build a dedicated ‘Business Network’ list to ensure that important information and updates reach the right people quickly. Threads enables companies to streamline communication in their groups for all the necessary information.

Real-time Customer Support

Threads facilitates businesses to offer instant and personalized support to their customers. It acts as a robust and real-time platform for queries, concerns, feedback, or suggestions. It not only improves the overall experience but also showcases the company’s mature approach.

Improved Privacy

Threads puts emphasis on privacy, thereby remaining an ideal social platform for businesses that have sensitive or confidential data. Moreover, customizable privacy settings enable business persons to ensure that only authorized persons can get access to your updates.

More Opportunities

Threads is a growing platform and chances are high that you can meet like-minded persons and professionals on it. You can share insights and collaborate on projects by connecting with peers. It can open the doors of opportunities for your business.

Here is How It Can be a Game Changer

Threads app can reshape communication systems with its user-friendly interface and features. It facilitates real-time conversations, collaboration, and file sharing. Your teams can work more productivity and everyone can stay connected through Threads. Streamlining communication with high safety and ease of use can make Threads a game changer in the corporate world.

The Road Ahead for Threads

It has the potential to become a standalone app for secure and real-time business communication. Threads app has many benefits to offer for businesses that want to engage with their customers and stakeholders. Higher connectivity, more engagement, and upcoming updates will make the Threads app a choice for enterprises and individuals in the coming time!

What is your take on Threads? Do you find it fit for the social media ecosystem and corporate communication?

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