Search Engines Determine E-A-T. Do You Know What Is It?

search Engines E-A-T
November 2, 2018

Search Engines – Without which we can not even exist on this digital world of a website. Thanks to Google for prioritizing things and filtering the best results. However, websites are in a big race to higher their rank up. There are lots of competitors and businesses to make their first move.

Also, investors for optimizing their site as much as possible. And the one with no such investments or readiness to wait will be heading towards no progress on search engines like Google. Because what Google says and wants is the Quality Information. That is it. If you have it, displayed it correctly and up to the mark in your website’s technicalities, you are winning the SERP ranking.

So here the new terminology comes in as E-A-T. What does E-A-T mean in SEO? Are You Aware of it? Is it like Halloween’s Trick or offering a treat to its users?

Let’s check out here the details:


What search engines emphasize mostly is the quality. Here the expertise defines the content curator’s niche and skillset. What SEO mainly does is optimizing the content for some specifically defined standards of content.

The content writers and curators should be of proficient quality levels and showcasing the excellent quality of content. For example, it is a legal or medical website’s content and there is nothing to suit about; would go for a toss. Search engines all measure is about the truthfulness of the content irrespective of the length and websites to which it is published on.


It is observed that when it comes to content or writing something very professionally; everyone would come up saying “it’s their cup of tea” and the results! Guess what? Not everyone has the ability to portray the image of making readers visualize.

Showing an authenticity of the main content creators can be the winning factor for any website out there. Be it a community or forum discussion, the qualitative factors of the conversion metrics calls all the authorized identities.

So the search engines like Google do consider checking the authenticity of content as well as the author is associated with.


This is the most important aspect of any content curation and writing techniques. This is something that needs to be gained. How users on the internet would trust on the websites they are landing in? Probably not if it’s from not so high in rank. And are more likely to trust if it’s coming from the very first rankings or maybe the information snippet?

Well, to maintain the trustworthiness of your website, there must be some consistent behavior presented to the users. Also, proving the trustworthiness is next to the compulsion. Because every time you see on the internet is not about small business websites. But also the websites holding transactions details of people. Let say eCommerce. The eCommerce websites are the prime example that needs to maintain credibility that people never hesitate to share their banking details and credit/debit card credentials.

In this matter of concern, the first thing search engine observes is SSL certification. Whether your website is following security concerns or not. Also, the website is neat in all the aspects do matter to the search engines.

Here what matters is the importance of E-A-T.

Why does this E – A – T matters to the Search Engine, to the Google?

Firstly, it is a value. E-A-T factors are a credit to any website. In terms of content, in terms of design and user experiences and of course, in terms of performance and security concerns.

Landing on your website must be users’ first ever experiences that they remember and would like to revisit the websites again. Which will, again be considered as beneficial for the SEO perspectives.

So keeping EATing Habits in SEO Technicalities will win many things to you as compared to your competitors. All The Best!

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