How PHP Development Companies Resolve Defects In A Web Development Project?

PHP development companies
March 19, 2019


PHP is widely accepted open-source programming language and it does rule in the heads of IT companies’ project managers and so the widely spread PHP web development projects are. Because of the easy to learn property of PHP, all MVC frameworks of PHP are getting noticed in the world and are widely popular among the developers.

Developers usually commit the defects in playing with Line of Codes and dealing with different frameworks of PHP. The systematic handling of coding in projects matters the most for the quality and assurance department of an IT company.

While designing the software or web application, there may be some mistakes committed or any misconception displayed in the coding can be defined as a defect.

A defect is what developers make without their knowledge in writing the code. It can be syntax mistake, systematic error or wrongly directed logic in the code. For a neat bug fixing and 100 per cent accuracy in the php web development project, one should go for the search query on Google such as hire php developers India and approach to the web developers in India as well as from the UK. These both countries have good exposure towards the web development and putting complex requirements in PHP coding.

Understanding the Error

An error is reflected in the output when there are some misconceptions in understanding the project from the client’s’ perspective. When you are failed in getting the exact requirement from the client and reflected output in some other pattern, maybe in design or sometimes in development can be defined as an Error.

A battle between defects and error

In the php development companies, mostly the project managers and php developers get along to work on the project. The entire team do define a strategic and fundamental document to deal with the future scopes, exceptions in the project.


Defect resolving phases in Web Application Development

A defect resolution phase is made up of several stages of bug resolutions. In which, it defines where and how the bug/ defect gets detected among the PHP programmers, how it goes and detected by the QA / testers and again gets resolved by the developers’ team. In India, Bangalore and Ahmedabad have a great niche for resolving defects in the web application development projects and that is why Bangalore has a specific demand on Google while searching for developers such as hire PHP developer Bangalore and so as the Europe country hire php developer Ukraine.

It happens when the defect gets closed by the tester and developers, due to their responsibility to the client’s requirement, may open the bug and again defect gets in process status for the resolution.

In the PHP Development web development companies in India, there are some standard stages for defect resolution such as,


The newly detected defects are being created in the quality and assurance tool. The defects are primarily detected from the QA’s end followed by the quick ticket raise in QA tool.


Once the defect is recognised by the tester and assigned to the developer, it is now the developers’ team responsibility to work on the same module/program or project file.

In Process

The in-process stage, as the name suggests, developers open the defect/ given bug and work on the same as per the clients’ requirement and on the suggestions of a tester. The in-process stage is somewhat challenging for the developers if QA/ tester mis conceptualized the requirement or misunderstood while conveying to the developers.


Once the developers convey the message of fixing the defect successful as per the functional requirement document, the defect gets fixed status. The developers are abided to work on the project files based on the functional requirement documents.


The testers are again abided to test the project/project files according to the requirement mentioned and discussed with the clients. The retesting may acquire some bugs if yet not fixed by the developers’ team.


The defect gets finally a closed status after acquiring a complete change request suggested by the QA team to developers and developers to the final implementation.

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Your Questions Answered about PHP Development Defects In A Web Development Project

What are common defects encountered in PHP web development projects?

Defects in PHP web development projects can range from functional issues like broken links, incorrect data processing, and security vulnerabilities to performance-related problems such as slow loading times and inefficient database queries.

What measures do PHP development companies take to address complex or recurring defects?

For complex or recurring defects, PHP development companies may conduct in-depth root cause analysis to understand underlying issues fully. They may also implement corrective actions such as refactoring code, redesigning architecture, or implementing additional safeguards to prevent similar defects from occurring in the future.

What steps are involved in resolving defects in PHP web development projects?

The resolution process typically begins with identifying and documenting the defect, followed by prioritizing it based on severity. PHP development companies then assign the defect to the appropriate team member for resolution. The developer investigates the root cause of the issue, develops a fix, and tests it thoroughly to ensure it resolves the problem without introducing new issues.

What strategies do PHP development companies use to minimize the impact of defect resolution on project budgets?

To minimize the impact on project budgets, PHP development companies carefully manage resources and prioritize defect resolution based on cost-effectiveness. They may utilize automated testing tools to streamline testing processes, adopt efficient coding practices to reduce the likelihood of defects, and provide transparent cost estimates for defect resolution efforts.

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