NodeJS 10: A Power Packed Features to Look out!

NodeJS features
July 25, 2018

Node.js – an open-source platform for fast and scalable network applications. As we all know the impressive introduction of Node.js

It never lacks updated versions. Using an event-driven and non-blocking model, the platform proves to the super-fast to make lightweight and efficient real-time applications.

The broadly used server-side platform is developed on the Javascript V8 engine of Chrome. NodeJS is quite a helping tool for building the most intensive web applications. It can be of live video streaming or maybe SPAs(single-page applications)

Currently, the Node JS is quite in the discussion of the technocrats because of the power-packed features it has.  The latest version Nodejs 10.0 is now official and becoming the long-term support in October 2018. Being in the prominent business of serving the latest mobile application development projects and technologies, we would like to share some informative content here regarding the power-packed features of the newest NodeJs version.

Let’s see the difference this newbie is making with our mobile applications and what’s exciting on the bucket list for the Node.js developers as well as the users.

Revamped N-API

N-API bring some of the important changes in execution with the release of NodeJS 10.0 and those are quite impressive. First of all, the N-API is no more in an experimental model. It is officially supported by the API layer. This will help in establishing stability in the framework as well as the quality contribution to the project development phases. This will give strong support to the back-end applications. This new update is almost about to reduce the cost of developing native modules and hence automating the system of reusability of codes. N-API’s official version is all set to reduce the intensity while updating so the framework can seamlessly process the deployment. Easier to upgrade and accessible at easy steps.

JS Improvements

The all-new NodeJS10 is set to bring so many JavaScript language improvements. It includes the prototype.toString() for returning the exact portions of the source code in text and reducing the vulnerabilities for keeping things confidential as much as possible.

Performance Boost

Along with the extremely good improvements on bug fixing and error handling in performance, the NodeJS 10 is setting up the standards for boosting the performance through the V8 engine. It includes the async generator and array to keep things ahead. The NodeJS 10 update also increases the visibility in the code to overcome the performance issues. This visibility in the code can be maintained using the trace events.

npm V6

Node Package Manager is updated from the previous v5.7 to v6.0. Here the Node’s latest update will ship with the update with no more delay but on a prompt basis. This will impact positively the improvements in all the areas such as performance and stability.

Upgrading to the OpenSSL Version

The latest NodeJS 10 is coupled with cryptographic support to enable the highly anticipated cipher and authenticators. Ranging from TLS 1.3 to the upcoming LTS in October is a completely supported software platform in terms of meeting standards.

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