Must-Have Features In Education Mobile App To Make Learning Simpler

Education Mobile App Development Features
July 6, 2021

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Businesses are seeing a very high demand for education apps but only the top mobile app development company can help you with the customization and unique features that will address all your expectations. The education sector has seen a noticeable growth in educational norms, advancements, and modernization in recent years. Schools and other educational institutions adopt cutting-edge teaching methodologies through interactive intelligent boards, smart notebooks, etc. We can’t deny these Digital transformations make the education system more interactive and convenient.

Today’s smart technology is aiding teachers to convert boring classroom lectures into friendly sessions. Students are likely to use smartphones, tablets, or other devices to share their study materials that are time and effort-savvy. It is not just about sharing information but also creating a whole classroom virtually with the help of mobile apps. Here we have mentioned some must-have features in education mobile applications that will enhance the learning experience of your users.

Real-Time and On-Demand Live Streaming

Classrooms are now digital and virtual. It is necessary to provide live one-on-one tutorials and interactive sessions so students can join it with others and attend the classes. There are plenty of other options as well for video calling, but they are not a simplified approach to continue everything virtually. Adding chapter-wise audio and virtual presentations will be beneficial for any e-learning app to get more downloads, improve engagement, and enhance retention rate. Live streaming empowers schools and educational institutes to offer real-time on-demand content to learners. This enables access to advanced learning material and assists them to grow.

Push Notifications

Push notifications for an educational app is an efficient approach to deliver important messages to parents, students, teachers, and the management team. With a few finger tappings, you can convey alerts simply and efficiently. Whether you want to convey emergency alerts, timetable of meetings, students’ attendance information, or any other details, you can notify anyone efficiently with these little pop-ups. This feature will be valuable in plenty of ways. It also aids to inform users about application updates or other activities performed on the app. This is the best way you can personalize your e-learning to offer a more delightful user experience.

Multi-Language Support

There are multiple languages changing region to region and country to country. You need to make sure that your students can understand everything in a language they can easily understand. If you want to expand the user base and target a pool of potential users on a global level, your app must have multilingual support. It helps users to acknowledge easily through the app. You can also add a translator functionality within your app, that will diminish the language’s differences.

Dashboards for Students and Teachers

Just like any other app, login functionality with the dashboard is extremely important. It enables students and teachers to create an account on the app to sign up. Personalization, customization, and all the essential app features are displayed on the dashboard so that users can take instant actions. It is easy for educators to analyze and make useful insights on all the information in graphical forms.

Mock Test

Mock tests provided by educational apps are one of the much-appreciated features. One of the essential components is enabling the teachers to generate regular practice tests for students. It will help students to acknowledge the level of preparation to face the exams. They keep a record of all these mock tests to identify their progress and sections of improvements. Furthermore, the app can create a questionnaire to make learning more engaging.

Provide Offline Content

The irony is that still there are many regions around the world where internet access is not available. To solve this concern, plenty of mobile app development companies started to develop features that let students learn even when they are not online. Nowadays, there are many features in the education apps that are accessible without an internet connection, so students don’t have to wait to learn. Whether it’s tutorial, online material, or lecture recording, anything can be downloaded on the app.

Robust Database

It is necessary to provide a strong and well-structured database that will store all the study materials, profile details, and other essential information. You have to update it regularly as new data and information on various topics keep streaming. The database must have quick access so the students and teachers can obtain the required data from it.

Progress Tracking

The graphic representation of the student’s progress on the dashboard can be very motivated. If progress is not gained, students can take action accordingly. Students should often consider what is working for them and what they need to do to make extra progress regarding their goals. Teachers make sure that the education process works as per expectations without any delays or gaps. With an advanced tracking system, tutors can find out how long students need to learn a specific subject and how much growth they have made throughout the semester, month, or week. Teachers can assess this data to acknowledge the specific topics that create the most difficulties for particular students.


App customization is no longer sufficient these days. Personalization is also essential for any mobile application. If the application responds as per student’s study habits and methods, they will get attached to the app and will show more interaction. That is why the key objective of your app should be to provide a personalized user experience. It will make the app more useful and convenient for the users to use. Ultimately it will drive more engagement, greater user retention, and an expansion in brand loyalty.

Attendance Management

The student attendance management system aids teachers to mark the attendance of students online throughout the class and mitigating physical homework area writing service. It is used to keep records for student’s attendance, absence, attendance history, and other relevant data. The educators and students will get their credentials to mark and record attendance every day. Teachers can resume their class with the same efficiency by leveraging this feature to take attendance and keep all the information simplified.


Kids of a particular age group indeed learn faster with play-way techniques. So the concept of gamification helps students to learn swiftly through games and fun experiments. More and more students are attracted to learning. This mixture of games and teaching has become widely popular among children. Learning will not remain a boring and tedious task with gamification. It will be fun to engage with future-ready e-learning apps.

Summing Up

Businesses are getting an immense surge in profits with educational mobile apps as new features are emerging each passing day to make learning more engaging, easy, and accessible to everyone. (especially post Covid-19 situation) Mobile app development agencies are expecting a high demand for e-learning apps. All you need is to find skilled developers who build the app with all the components necessary for a successful outcome.

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