15 Features to Make your Mobile App Stand Out

Mobile app features
September 10, 2021


The competition has become intense with the growing technologies and emerging applications in the tech market. In the era of mobile apps, it is truly said that you can skyrocket your business with a well-built mobile application.

We know today, you get everything with just one click sitting on your couch. It is all due to various mobile apps on your device that help you perform your respective tasks. When you want to cater to your target audience via their mobile devices, a mobile app can effectively help you achieve your goal in this direction.

With a robust mobile app, you can create value for your customers and increase their trust and loyalty towards your business. Moreover, you can also increase their user experience which will add essence to your services. Loyal customers can help you take your business to new heights of success.

It is not enough to have just an app idea. For this, you need to undertake robust mobile app development and consider the right app features. Read on to know some must-have features that you should take into account while building an application.

15 Features that will make your Mobile App Look Best

Offline Functionality

The Internet plays a vital role when it comes to using different mobile applications, irrespective of their use and type. Today, it is accessible almost everywhere. Therefore, you can easily use your mobile apps from anywhere.

However, what if you get to use them even without the availability of the internet? It will be one of the biggest benefits you can provide to your users. They can access features and content offline, which will make it easy for them to use the app effectively at any point in time, even without the internet.

Personalize the Experience

Users usually go for such applications that enhance their personal experience. Therefore, when you think of building an app, make sure you intend to personalize the user experience. It will help you gain better engagement and conversion.

A majority of the app users crave to enhance their personal experience when they come across different applications. You can, therefore, focus on personalization that will tailor their preferences, behavior, and location while building your app. As a result, it will make your mobile application a successful one in the competitive edge.

Battery Preservation

Generally, your mobile battery starts to drain when you use different apps on your mobile device. Reduced battery consumption will be an added feature to your app, which will preserve the battery for later use. Different apps offer different features. However, battery preservation is one of the most helpful and outstanding features a user can have while using an app.

Along with other functions and features, ensure reduced battery consumption when you develop the mobile app. It will increase user engagement, which, in turn, will increase the conversion rate as well.

Two-Factor Authentication

Security has become an integral part of business applications, especially when you give access to information. With the increasing frauds in the market as well as in business, security has become inevitable in any situation. Therefore, two-factor authentication has become a must when it comes to a mobile app.

Two-factor authentication will match the data of the user trying to access the app with the information previously filled in the app, thereby ensuring the security of the data. Thus, security has to be at the heart of mobile app development.

Regular Updates

It is a rapid and evolving landscape, and therefore, it is significant to react quickly to your user’s needs. Moreover, it is also vital to learn, repeat, and measure in today’s time to make your app a success. It means that you need to maintain updates and constant development.

Moreover, commitment to releasing regular app updates, which will fix bugs, will add to the lasting popularity of the app. When you provide users with continuous updates, they are bound to come back for more. Ensure you offer up-to-date features and content to your users to retain them. It will also help you to know what features are more popular and what improvement is needed.

Social Media Integration

Social Media plays a vital role to increase popularity or spread the word regarding an app or business. Therefore, when you build your business app, integrate the feature of social media, which will allow users to share the content or details about your app with their contacts on social networks.

It will add to the popularity of your business app as well as it will attract more users. Needless to say, that it will also increase your user engagement and increase conversions.

Feedback Channel

Communication has always been the foundation of a business’s success. Similarly, when you integrate a communication channel into your app, it will make it easier for your users to interact with you or your team in relevance to their experience.

It means you can incorporate a feedback feature into your mobile app to know what your users think about the app and its features. It will help you make changes and improvements in this direction to make your app better for users. Moreover, when you encourage users to give their feedback regarding the app, it will reduce the chances of public-negative reviews, which might hamper your app’s popularity. In-app communication always helps you grow better and more long-lasting in the tech market.

In-Built Analytic Tracking

When you come with your business app, it is significant to understand your users’ behavior and preferences. An in-built analytic tracking feature will help in this direction. It will also help you track user engagement and retention, downloads, and more. Additionally, it will help you track those features that attract new users to your app. You can leverage the derived data to measure the success and insights of your app, along with improving the features.

When you track user activities, you get answers to questions such as Are users dropping off in any specific sections? How frequently do they use the app? All this information will help you enhance the user experience and augment your marketing strategy, which will determine your app’s success.

Multiple-Device Support

Today, you are privileged to use a wide range of mobile devices that offer extensive features. When you opt to use an app, it is expected that it will function seamlessly on your device. However, certain apps work flawlessly only on specific mobile devices, which makes it hard for other users to download them on their smartphones.

You can effectively deal with this drawback by integrating a multi-device synchronization feature in your app. It will help you widen the base of users around the globe. Moreover, it will also eliminate the difficulty mentioned above. As a result, your app will attract more users.

Multi-Lingual Support

A multi-lingual app can prove to be a cost-effective marketing tool when it comes to attracting more users and retaining existing ones. It will widen your horizons of opportunities. When you provide your users with the feature of selecting their preferred language, it will enhance their user experience. Additionally, it will help your app reach users around the globe, which can help your app to be internationally acclaimed in the future.

Localization and globalization are the key features when it comes to communicating with your audience in their local language. It will make it easier for users to interact without facing any troubles of language, which will, in turn, increase their engagement.

Offer Real Value

The ultimate aim of building a business app is to add unique value that will, in turn, add to the success of the business. A majority of users seek convenience and speed when they come across a mobile app. It means that you need to deliver real value to them at every phase of the app, which will increase their loyalty towards your app.

Real value can be measured in convenience, utility, entertainment, speed, and many other sectors. Your app must be able to function seamlessly in various situations with the integrated features. It will make it the most appealing one. You need to make sure that your application can fulfill the requirements in these scenarios.

Unmatched User Interface (UI)

It is truly said that the First impression is the last one, and it proves to be correct in the case of a mobile app as well. Yes, you read that right. When you build your business app, it should be appealing to users or else they will drop off from the beginning itself or avoid it completely.

The success of your app highly depends on how it looks and functions. Therefore, an unmatched User Interface is a key to having a high-appealing mobile app. Most users have small touchscreen mobile devices, which increases the need for an app to have a great UI.

Highly User-Friendly

Note that when you build a mobile app, you have to consider your users’ requirements and convenience before taking the plunge. Therefore, it is advisable to have a highly friendly and responsive user interface. Users tend to enhance their experience and understanding of how to function the app with its buttons and other features. Moreover, your app needs to be adaptable to various screen sizes, as there is ‘n’ number of smartphone users around the globe.

Compliant with GDPR Standards

General Data Protection Regulation has recently created the buzz in the tech world. It aims at securing the personal information of European Union residents legally. You can implement it without any additional legislation in European Union member states.

You only need to ensure that the software stores and processes the personal data of users with the utmost security and privacy that is compliant with the defined requirements.

Applying Data Science & Machine Learning

Data science is no more a buzzword for businesses. Most of them have already implemented data science and machine learning in their significant sectors. Therefore, you can consider applying machine learning and data science to your business app to reap benefits.

Last Words

When you think about building your business app, you should think of offering unique features, along with offering real value to your users. You can consider a lot of things apart from the ones we discussed above when you plan to make your app successful in the tech market.

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