Have you tried PUBG with your website yet? Let’s learn it!

Pubg with your website
February 13, 2019

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – millions of millennial netizens have already gone crazy about this crazy and damn creative game. Ain’t they? PUBG – the exciting abbreviation of the day. Everyone is mesmerized by this game and the affection is never-ending.

Well, when talking about the business, it comes to digital and so the website. Well, what does it mean by playing PUBG with a website? Is it any game integration with the website as well? Or maybe some tough configuration.

Actually, it’s not like that. It’s an abbreviation. Yes, an abbreviation that elaborates very important things on your website beautifully. So, would you like to get into that? Of course, you would.

Let’s dive into the main imperatives of your website.

And yes, they all rotate around the PUBG initials.

The actual meaning is,

Giving out a Progressive Web App Experience to your website.

Shaping a beautiful User Experience

Boosted Content

Google Search Console Integration

Being in the web and mobile app industry, we have elaborated our niche into the web application development by fragmenting the important components of it.

Progressive Web App Experience

Progressive Web App – a new form of web app experience. An experience that introduces users to the fastest and dynamic web view. You probably have used a website that tells you to add an icon to your home screen.

PWAs work and look as website appearance but what mainly they do is for users’ feasibility. A user can easily tap for the icon keeping on a home screen and need not download the app even. What a great thing? Isn’t it?

Plus, the main advantage is, people generally don’t like to wait for more than 3 seconds loading of a website. And the progressive web apps are highly impressive in page loading experience.

The integrated user experience of progressive web apps makes it super special when it comes to native-like feeling. The web apps work super cool. Just like the native ones. Sending the push notifications and owning a device’s functionalities like the native apps gives another level of advancements to the users.

So making your simple web application a PWA one is indeed necessary especially when you are looking for the great target audience in your niche. Make your audience surprised by adding an extra P to your web. Isn’t it romantic? For web users and your favourite customers? It’s really engaging when a web app sends notifications and behave like an in-house mobile app.

User Experience

User experience – giving out a style, look and overall rating to your website. A user will not stick to the website until websites hold them back. In all the terms your website should look super impressive and that is it.

Because the moment the user enters into the website notices every aspect in a single gaze. Be it stock photography, ugly page loading or unusual flow of design.

Using stock photography on your website makes a very dull impression on the users. It shows how to personalize your website is being treated. And so your brand would be.

Giving out a great personalization to your website makes a very good impression to users. It is the very first experience of users while they enter into your website and that you can’t spoil.

Put in an attractive call to actions, useful differentiation of hyperlink, wisely using the white spaces, the bullet points and a lot more key essentials need to be taken care while designing a website.

It is not just the content that holds a user, but an amazing user experience does the work. Show the simplicity with grace on your website. A website is a visual medium between you and your next customer. They are meant to be scanned. Do not, ever, make it spoiled. Give UX a top-notch priority in website development.

Boosted Content

Content is not a king. Content is a kingdom. You can do everything if you have boosted content. Everything can be sorted out with a strong pitch. Be it in a video format, a textual one or infographic. It tells a story, it drives your prospect and converts the prospects into a direct customer.

Use content that speaks. Content is the key to all barriers a customer are facing. You can unlock it all. But what you need is picking up the right key at the right time. Putting in a crisp content won’t work just. Putting and elaborating the right content in terms of prospect’s requirements matter.

Simply draw the attention of your target market by putting in the right requirements. Make your website a content rich. Do not lag behind your competitors’ smart move but calibrate your own image with unique content.

Google Search Console Integration

A website without Google Search Console Integration is something that you’re not telling Google to list your site and do not want to make Google understand a sitemap.

Yes, you will need a sitemap submitted to Google Search Console. Google will understand the site flow of your website and they will crawl the pages accordingly. That way, your website will get indexed over the search engine.

If you have a website development agency or digital marketing agency and you aren’t yet informed to get registered over Google search console, do it as soon as possible.

Because it detects everything from broken links to schema analyzing and sitemap generation. This tool takes care of indexed URLs, blocked resources, mobile usability issues, robot.txt and what not?

Yet there is so much to say about these four initials and imperatives for any website development, but concluding the blog here, anyone should not forget PUBG as their website essentials. Happy Website Building! Happy PUBG!

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