Have you started using the GoLang for next Web Application Project?

Go Language Programming
February 14, 2019

Web developers’ big fuss is to decide the technology for a particular project. And there are so many options for making things done in programming. Multiple platforms and so many programming languages. In this wide spectrum of coding languages, every year some newbies do come in. Now that, quite a few will know that Golang is not that newbie.

However, it is not that “Go Programming language” is being in our trending lists for so many months or year.

Golang is developed by Google and has made inception in 2009 already. Now we can not deny the fact that its an old member of the programming community.

So have you started using Golang in your programming tactics? Or gave it a hit in your web application project?

The very first question hits in the developers’ mind is, why should I use Go lang? What’s the purpose of learning this and how it helps?

Answering all the questions, we’ve attempted a short elaboration here.

Let’s dig into this:

Enjoyed Google Drive? GoDoc is a new excitement!

As we know, Google drive is a super exciting doc formation to work in, sharing it and exploring. Now that, another super cool experience is in with the Go programming language.

As the documentation plays a key role in written communication everywhere. Golang has its own feature for documentation i.e., GoDoc. This helps in developing documentation pages for the betterment of the development phase of any web application project.

GoDoc will be easy to use and quite handy as developers wouldn’t require any external doc such as JSDoc, PHPDoc etc. It has a single documentation engine adopted by the entire community.  

Wondrous Performance!

According to the report, Go has outperformed quite better in comparison to other languages including Python. Also, it is not surprising to know the fact that Go is leaving behind the Python version 2 and 3. Now that, you’re in search of wondrous performance in your next web application project, do hire GoLang Developer!

Web developers can not deny the fact that Go is super time savvy in terms of memory fetching and giving some rest to CPU. As the language processes the information pretty faster than the python threads. So saving the resources and reducing the fetch time is definitely inspiring with Go and on the go!  

All In One Nature

It has basically combined everything in one place and has put in one place. It’s again, more of an advantageous thing. Yes, combining in terms of breaking the dependencies of modules and libraries.

In one single library, everything is packed and ready. One compiled binary will do the work without depending on the dependencies.

Go Does Not Need Web Frameworks

This language is more of a native nature and is supported by a set of tools that create a platform of its own. So the third party tools/frameworks are no of use and so becoming a pretty independent language of the era.

Now whenever dealing with the web API services with such complicated requirements, do remember GoLang without a doubt. Because it has everything that helps to build such services by default. Remember using the native languages which have built-in support for templating and remember GoLang Web Development.

Concluding the post, next time if you’re in the dilemma of web development framework or programming language, do refer GoLang Features.

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