Top App Startups to Watch in 2022

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May 31, 2022


We have heard the saying, “one idea can change your life”. What if you had over 50 app ideas? Isn’t that exciting? If yes, then let us begin with these ideas.

Before we move forward, let us understand how important apps are in your life. In today’s time, we cannot imagine our lives without the Internet, and applications have become an integral part of our day-to-day routine.

We see so many apps emerging in the market, making it easier for us to accomplish our tasks sitting on our couch. They help you manage your routine tasks smoothly with a click on your smartphone. Thus, it has become nearly impossible to survive without mobile apps. Let’s explore some of the trending mobile app ideas to watch for in 2022.

Best Startup Categories with Examples

Artificial Intelligence Startups


ELSA is an Artificial Intelligence app that makes the English language easy to learn. the learning English language easy. Users can efficiently develop their vocabulary and pronunciation and also minimize accents.

For people preparing for their language assessments such as TOEIC, TOFEL, and IELTS, this app is helpful. Artificial Intelligence technology works at the core of the app. It records users’ speech and analyzes it for various milestones. Also, it offers accent reduction practice sentences based on programmed learning schedules.


Robin is an AI app that helps you with things such as, checking weather updates, finding directions to places you want to go, setting reminders, or even sending texts. It consists AI algorithms that rapidly adapt to users’ requirements and offer personalized experiences.

FinTech Startups


Chime is a financial technology app that offers a substitute for traditional banking. It offers a simple package that consists of a savings account, a checking account, and a secured credit card that you can manage in an app. It means that it provides all facilities through an application that you get under traditional banking.


With Prism, you can manage all your bills in one place. You can use this app to pay your water, gas, internet, electricity, and other bills. Moreover, you can add multiple payment accounts or credit cards on this app. Once you have installed the app, it will monitor your bills, and send push notifications on your mobile. Thus, it gives reminders about your payments. However, you can pay them at your convenience, depending on the due date of payment.

Ecommerce Startups


Sephora app provides you with around 1750 retail stores across 30 countries. It is an international cosmetic and beauty retailer. Sephora has played a vital role in making the brand a huge success with a digital makeover. The beauty retailer has launched various digital experiences to offer great benefits to customers within the app.


If you want to have an app that provides you with direct delivery of groceries and household products at wholesale rates, then boxed is the app for you. Yes, you read that right. It is an American online wholesale retailer that offers an application that allows users to purchase wholesale products at any point in time. The benefit of this app is that you are not required to pay the wholesale club membership fees.

Health Care Startups


Many people find it difficult to seek help for their mental health due to various reasons. In today’s busy times, convenience has become one of the hurdles in this direction. Talkspace has come into the picture to make it convenient for you to seek the help of medical experts. It provides easy access to licensed therapists who can fit your individual concerns.

You have to fill up a questionnaire that considers your goals, preferences, needs, etc. The app will match you with several therapists and allows you to choose the best according to your needs. The biggest benefit of this app is you will meet your therapist in a virtual therapy room sitting in the comfort of your home.


Usually, we order food that we like through mobile apps. However, most of the time, we are not aware of the nutritional values of the food we order. Fooducate is an app that educates you on food and nutrition to help you to eat a healthy and balanced diet.

EdTech Startups


Pavan Chauhan found the Meritnation app in 2008. It helps students with CBSE, ICSE, and other leading state boards. The app offers study material, proficiency tests, and Olympiad material through a social medium. It also helps you track a student’s progress based on analytical data reports.


Now, you can conduct student-based developmental evaluations for students of every age. It is an engaging app that you can operate on any smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, or browser. Moreover, it allows teachers to transform students’ homework into self-operated games. 

Beverages and Food Startups


EatSure is an app that offers choices of multiple cuisines, with no artificial colours or flavours added. Moreover, you have access to a super-fast delivery and various discount coupons as well. With this app, you get the benefit of prioritizing your queries. Additionally, you can track your food with the real-time feature of the app.


Foodpanda is one of the best food ordering and delivery apps that offers your preferred taste. You have a variety of options related to foods and beverages from restaurants near you. The app provides choices for multiple cuisines from your favourite restaurants which makes it more appealing. Apart from this, it offers several payment options with exciting deals.

Blockchain Startups

Gemini is a licensed app that offers secure buying, selling and storing of digital assets. It offers a wide range of services and products to enable crypto traders to use the assets that suit them best. Moreover, it allows crypto traders to earn up to 7.4% interest on their wallets through Gemini Earn program.


The circle is a Boston-based app that offers over $2 billion in cryptocurrency investments and exchanges between friends. The platform offers seven cryptocurrencies that include Zcash, Monero, and Bitcoin.

SaaS and Software Startups


Hootsuite is a SaaS app that fits your professional and personal life. It enables you to have a powerful social media presence with your friends, family members, peers, colleagues, and others easily and quickly.

Additionally, the app helps you have a presence on several platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google+, etc. You can also update your feeds on these platforms through this application.


The Notion is a SaaS app that acts as a productivity tool by offering an all-in-one workplace to manage your team and work smoothly. With this app, you can efficiently create, manage, and plan your tasks and activities. Moreover, you can restructure the features of different online apps through this application.

Travel and Transport Startups


One of the biggest anxieties of travelers while booking their flights is that if the price will go down or not. Hopper comes into the picture to solve the problem of price fluctuations with 95% accuracy up to 1 year in advance. Moreover, with this app, you can save up to 40%.


Flio has proved to be your best travel companion. It provides you with flight tracking, baggage claim belts, gate numbers, wait-time estimates, shops and restaurants, and lounges at more than 5000 airports. It helps you with everything you need while traveling, all in one place with a click on your smartphone.

IoT Startups


IoT has changed we look at things around us. It has also changed the way we manage services like cleaning bathrooms. Ovation is an IoT-based app that adds intelligence to cleaning activities via real-time notifications and analytics. As a result, you can make wise decisions about deploying cleaners at the needed places. Moreover, it helps you ensure enhanced hygiene and cleanliness.

With Ovation, you have access to smart dispensers from GOJO and Kimberly Clark that help you optimize restroom servicing efficiently.


IoT has changed the way we live with things around us with a wide range of intelligent applications to make it easier. One of these apps is RecovR. It helps you manage your cars efficiently and quickly. Moreover, it also helps track your stolen vehicles rapidly and reduces garage keeper insurance premiums. It also improves customer satisfaction by minimizing sales cycle time and producing additional F&I revenues.

Fashion Startups


In the arena of fashion, Stylebook has taken a remarkable place with over 90 features that help you manage your closet.


The pose is a fashion community application that allows you to follow your favorite brands, bloggers, or models. With this app, you can view the latest fashion trends. You can also get tips regarding different outfits.

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Wrapping Up

The app ideas are never-ending, as a new app emerges in the market every single day. Which App Idea would suit your business plans in 2022?

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