13 Best App Ideas that could change the way you do Business

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October 28, 2020


Startups and budding businesses face the greatest struggles during their initial days of business. It is at this stage that they want to reach as many people as possible, build the brand, and work towards increasing sales. In order to achieve all such set goals, a dedicated mobile application is said to play a very crucial role. Mobile applications can be built for a variety of businesses and so it is all about knowing the right mobile app idea that can work for you.

So, here in this post, we have come up with a number of mobile app ideas, which startups and small businesses can opt for turning their business into a huge success.

Mobile App Ideas for Startups and Small Business

1. Table reservation app for restaurants

Have any sudden plans made to dine out? Why lose your last chance to confirm your table! This restaurant reservation app will show you the list of restaurants and pubs in your nearby area along with a graphical layout. This way the user will be able to book a specific table in advance for a particular time. The app comes with AI which helps users based on their preferences and gives suggestions accordingly. This way the user gets to choose a better place and even get a chance to personalize it.

For e.g. : Open Table , The Fork

2. App for gift stores

In this fast-moving world, it may not be that easy to buy and gift a nice present to your near and dear ones. This is where developing a mobile application for your gift store can help you become accessible and popular in your local market quickly. The shop owner can even make use of technology like blockchain development to opt for loyalty programs, offer gift cards, and make other digital gifts available for cheaper rates by removing the presence of any middlemen. So all that the user needs to do is to browse through the gifts listed in the app and send it to the address of the receiver. The gift will reach the receiver on time without making you go through all the pain of visiting the store and choosing it.

For e.g. : IGPGiftster

3.Logistic business app with geo-tracking

Many a time people want to shift their goods or deliver some parcels in a very short period. The issue that comes in here is that they are not sure about the right services available at the right time. Many logistics companies even have high fees, which makes it tough for customers to come to a decision. For the logistics companies, they often return empty after unloading the goods. This is where an app solution that can let the users know the truck is free to load can help. The trucks available for taking load with all needed information can be put up on the app. The information includes the starting and end destinations, route, current location, etc. This kind of app idea can benefit the logistics business and customers equally.

For e.g. : Drive XPO , DHL My Truck

4. App for courier service

Courier services remain one of the best ways to send or receive parcels. The introduction of a mobile application can simplify the whole process to reach a courier company and book your parcel. The customer will be able to book their parcel service, enter a destination, pay online, and even track the parcel once it has been collected from their end. Moreover, for the courier business, it makes things simpler and helps them simplify their business process.

For e.g. : WefastShree Maruti Courier Service

5. App for online coaching

Today people are spending thousands of dollars for the right coach so as to learn the skills in the best possible manner. This has become important in the current times to stay ahead in the personal or professional life. This means if you are a coach or looking for ways to build your business around it, then a mobile application to offer online classes can help you reach your business goal with ease. The mobile application will help you showcase your creative side and bring the best of the subject your way.

For e.g. : UnacademyCoursera

6. On-demand car wash app

Think about the facility you can offer your customers who are looking for efficient car wash service through the introduction of a mobile app! An on-demand mobile app can let the customer book in a car wash service. So all that they need to do is to enter their location for pick-up, set timing, and pay for the service through the app. This way you will be saved from any waiting time you would have to bear otherwise. For the business, they will be able to give proper appointments to the customers thus, increasing the efficiency of their business process.

For e.g. : Keno Car Wash , Car wash On Demand

7. App for boutique store management

The introduction of a mobile application for your boutique can have a positive impact on your business. The mobile application can be used to manage the different perspective of your business. The mobile application can be used to connect with your suppliers as well as with your customers, all the while managing your staff. You can have in a panel to take care of the supplier-side. To place an order, to make a payment, to manage inventory, etc. You can have another customer-panel to put up the dresses for sale, calculate profits, to offer discounts, add in product descriptions, get paid, etc. –where your customers will be accessing you. You can even have the feature in the app to help customers track their orders once they have bought the product.

For e.g. : Neon Arrow Boutique , Dean Clothing

8. Mobile app for insurance agents

Building a mobile application in the insurance sector can do much good than thought. It can help build a stronger relationship with the customers all the while simplifying the claim management process. Insurance companies can have an app with a video calling feature build to access the depth of damage in case of any claim request from customers. The app will help the insurance agent to evaluate the damage remotely thus saving time and money. This will help in saving both the parties from unnecessary paperwork and will lead to better customer satisfaction.

For e.g. : Insurance Agent , Policy Ensure

9. Mobile app for pet shops

Local pet shops have limited access to the customer base. This means on the other end, customers will also have limited access to the pets they are interested in having and are looking for. So building a mobile application can solve this issue. The pet shop owners can list out the pets with descriptions and details. They can even mention the price as well as the prominent characteristics of the pet. This will let the customers choose the right one for their home.

For e.g. : Pet Store India , Chewy

10. App for local pharmacy

Most of the pharmacies have regular customers who keep buying medicines every month. Having a mobile app will help the customers to place the order from anywhere and pay through the app too. This way, customers will be able to have medicines delivered at their doorstep. The app can send in alerts or notifications to the customer to remind them about their next due purchase. Discounts can be offered through the app for critical illness medicines.

For e.g. : My Local Pharmacy , MedPlus Mart

11. App for laundry service

Getting done with laundry can be one of the painful jobs if you have a busy lifestyle. This is where laundry service comes in and the introduction of a mobile app in this arena makes things even smoother. The on-demand app for laundry service will increase the convenience of the users while for the businesses it ensures a manageable flow of work. Every booking order will follow the said process and so there will be no occurrence of orders mixing up.

For e.g. : Dhobilite , Pick my laundry

12. Catering service app

Food business in any form is always welcomed by people. Catering services are generally approached for handling food for different events like birthday parties, weddings, office events, etc. By coming up with a mobile app, the catering service will be able to offer different buffet menu options to the customers and let them choose it at their own convenience. This will save everyone from spending time on unnecessary meetings. They will be able to even offer direct discounts to over the app.

For e.g. : Omly , Catering Kitchen

13. App for supermarket

People don’t like waiting in queue at supermarkets. The introduction of a mobile app in this area can help the shop owner and customers equally well. Using the mobile app the customers can scan the products kept over the rack and keep on adding them in their cart on the app. This even helps them to know whether they have crossed their weekly or monthly spending limit. Once all the items have been added in the cart, the customer can directly pay the bill amount and leave the store without having to wait in line. In short, it simplifies the checkout to a greater limit.

For e.g. : Flipp , Anylist

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Wrapping it up

Whether yours is a small business or something that you have just started from scratch, building a mobile application that best suits your business vision can help you in a great way. Right from getting in touch with the customers and building relationships, it helps you bring in more profits through increased sales. The mobile app represents your business and will help you build trust in the target market.

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