5 Best Practices To Follow For Laravel Web Development

Laravel Web Development
August 22, 2018

Laravel – the most advanced and youngest framework in today’s era. What’s not praiseworthy about this framework? Ranging from the rich feature set to inbuilt libraries, everything is just flawless and up to the mark with this dynamic framework of PHP.

Well, we all know the best part of using the Backend Laravel Framework. But applying some of the best practices over this framework would be a great outcome. We have researched some of the best practices for Laravel Framework that make more sense to the development angles and an enhanced idea for the Laravel developers.

Here is the list of things/practices which can help in dealing with Laravel Web Development.

Naming Convention

The custom classes in Laravel are required to acquire a different naming convention. Whenever doing this naming convention to the custom classes and functions with the models, the developers should not take it easy but keep the carefulness would help a lot in building the flawless code.

Here keeping users as the model name will work for the table named users. Keeping the right practices at handy would indeed help Laravel Web Development to be at the great pace.

Segregate Code

For the Segregation part, the repository patterns would help a quite as compared to writing in the controllers. Also, using the helper functions in Laravel would benefit more in reducing the code length. As it would be beneficial for reusing them.

The developers should be penned down the .env files for securing the information and retrieving them back using the getenv function.

Using Plugins?

Laravel is the latest framework and hence has the maximum number of solutions to every challenge. Well, in between the plethora of Plugins available in the Laravel framework; using the number of plugins may put you in trouble. As the web development solution may affect some performance issues while running because of the heavy loading of the website.

The Standards

Following the standards matter the most in programming languages. However, Laravel has covered developers in a way that they need not be in worry in matching the exact level of standards. As it is completely okay if the variables are compatible with the composer. The recommended standards that should be followed as per the experts are PSR-2 and PSR-4.

Eloquent ORM

Eloquent ORM – mainly used for the extracting part and working for optimizing the queries part. Such as showing data to the end users with a single query. The Eloquent ORM is directly related to the naming conventions so taking care of good practice in naming would perform all the right things in Laravel.

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