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DJ Party
DJ Party
DJ Party
DJ Party
DJ Party
DJ Party

The month of October at Silicon IT Hub concluded with a spectacular DJ bash. On the day of the party, everyone was excited and were looking forward to enjoying with their colleagues’ cum friends. Everybody met decked up in party wear at the venue at 6 pm and were looking forward to beginning partying.

Once inside, there were laser beams and an irreplaceable glow of the black lights reflecting on people. It gave a feeling of being inside a magical world of disco lights. Everyone was busy taking selfies with their peers when they met at the DJ hall. The entire Silicon family came together for a group photo, although with such a large group it was getting difficult to get them all in one frame. Photography sessions included captures of the girls’ gang, boys gang, and clicks of the various teams at Silicon.

The photo shoot was then followed by solo performances like singing, dancing and a mesmerizing poetic performance by some Siliconians. It was indeed fascinating to discover the hidden talents in the team.

Soon the DJ arrived and those who loved dancing joined the floor while some chose to just watch and hesitated to hit the floor. Those who chose to sit and not dance were encouraged to get up to dance with other members. The DJ played a mix of different tracks to keep the entire atmosphere energetic.

The dance went on for two hours as people showed no signs of tiredness and kept on dancing to their fullest. There were mocktails and snacks served in between, which people binged on while continuing the dance. The dance party was wrapped up after two hours followed by a sumptuous dinner.

Such events foster a mutual bond between co-workers. DJ parties are a great way to get people out of their comfort zone. They can also lighten up the evening with a fun atmosphere.

The Silicon family had a great time partying in the evening and made numerous memories together that they could cherish for times to come.

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