Diwali has huge importance when it comes to workplace celebrations.

There are very few occasions or festivals that engage all your employees and make the tough task of pulling them off their desks easily. Diwali is one such occasion which every workforce looks forward to!

Be it the bonus, diyas, traditional dress-up, rangoli making, the spread of sweets and the high-on-energy activities–each employee got a big smile on their face. And why not? The occasion of Diwali brings infinite positivity to the workplace.

At Silicon, we had a Rangoli-making session to create a beautiful Rangoli at the office entrance. We designate a separate place to make a Rangoli, based on a theme!

We also had a traditional day where each employee was dressed in traditional Indian attire. We clicked many pictures with colleagues to share on social media platforms.

Everyone loves gifts regardless of where they are on the corporate ladder. So we give gifts to every employee in the office to make them feel special on this auspicious occasion of the new year.

Celebrating a festival together is a way to boost the belonging and involvement of the workforce from different cultures at work.



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