WordCamp Event Ahmedabad

wordcamp ahmedabad
December 19, 2019

On 14th December 2019, our team members Jwalin, Diwakar, Jaymin, Nagender, Sohni, and Hitanshi participated in Wordcamp 2019, held at Ahmedabad. We all convened at Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay hall at 8:30 am for registration, and had a very delicious breakfast at the camp. For the first time, Silicon IT Hub was one of the Pop Bronze sponsors for the Wordcamp.

The event started at 9:45 am with opening remarks, and at 10:00 am Imran Sayed, one of the speakers began his talk on the importance of Progressive Web App for WordPress. He talked about the importance of combining Progressive Web Apps with WordPress to get the best of both worlds. He also shared a few tips and lessons for those trying to learn how to build or convert their website into a PWA before ending his talks at 10:30 am.

Arpit Vishwakarma joined the stage at 10:30 am to talk about AMP, stories, and site kit by Google. He informed us of steps Google is taking to help the users build a great user-first website on WordPress. He stressed on the need to have immersive and delightful content in the format the users prefer, and that 75% of users rate the page load time as an influential UX element. Arpit also talked about the right measurement tools and insights to convert and retain users.

wordcamp ahmedabad

We learned about the challenges that WordPress themes currently face from Stephen Tredrea at 11:30 am, he shared the concept of theme builder by giving examples of plugins that support it, the options that the user gets in WordPress themes, and the future of these themes in the coming years.

Our team attended Arun Bansal’s talk on how to automate the workflows with WordPress at 4:30 pm. We learned about what to automate and when is the best time to automate things. Arun talked about the need for automation, its tools, solving, and finding opportunities for automation.

During the seminar, we went over to the booths that were hosted by the prominent IT companies of Ahmedabad. Our team engaged in conversations with developers, HRs, and marketing people. Different companies hosted different types of games for us to participate in, which we enjoyed a lot.

At 5:30 pm, we attended Rahul D Sarker’s talks on how to generate the right kind of leads that converts for a service-based business followed by listening to Nirav Mehta’s lessons in personal and business success.

The event wrapped up at 5:30 pm with closing remarks. Our team then attended the After Party by the Satva group at Vastrapur Amphitheater. There was live music with a dance floor for us to dance and enjoy the music. Afterward, we had a delicious dinner and engaging discussions with other people present at the party.

Our entire team learned many new things from this Wordcamp, which will benefit our company as it emerges into a major prominent company in various technologies in the IT industry. We look forward eagerly to attend the next WordCamp Asia event in 2020 and many more.

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