What is AMP? How it’s pretty much important for your website?

Why AMP important for website?
July 20, 2018

Remember that unfortunate moment when you are dying to open the website on your mobile phone. Maybe to see the results or some exciting offers from an eCommerce site. Or maybe someone has whispered your friend’s company name. Whatever the reasons can be. But we all do important mobile experiences with the websites. And definitely, we get to know the unexpected results. That unpleasant experience with mobile devices surely make us disappointed with the particular website and we don’t prefer to see them again.

Well, this was the scenario where end users get frustrated with the websites on mobile devices. But what if we can do something to get this resolved? Google – the biggest tech giant has everything to answer when it comes to search results, user experiences and website crawling. let’s have a better understanding of accelerated mobile pages here. 

AMP – lead by Google with an aim to speed up the web experience for mobile users.

Accelerated Mobile Pages – An open source initiative for speeding up the web experience published by Google. We can call it a stripped down versions for the pages. The pages need to be optimized in a format that loads fast on mobile devices. As we know, the mobile-first index is the latest search engine algorithm by Google, the website owners cannot ignore being optimized for better search results.

Why Should You Consider AMP a “must need” Factor?

Because it speeds up the loading…

Accelerated Mobile Pages as the name suggests, it helps in loading the websites at the fastest speeds. Yes, that what attracts the users. But that is not it. It also attracts Google to make it ranked first. Yes, you heard it right. The Mobile First Index would consider this qualitative pages to rank better as compared to the conventional one.

AMP version means it comprises of the optimized code and caching. The main advantage of using AMP is its Google’s Content Delivery Network. Through which the faster loading of web pages can take place.

Again it’s “Mobile First Index”

As we all know, Google has announced to switch over mobile first Index algorithms instead of staying on desktop priorities. The reason behind this switchover is the increased use of mobile devices. Nowadays, people used to visit the websites and engage themselves in operating mobile phones rather being glued on large screens.

So it’s not that desktop websites will be leading along the way but the mobile responsive and fast loading ones would be leading the search engine results. The AMP formats are so organized that can help websites at the very good pace for ranking.

Yet confused?

As we know, Google has some specific search engine pages results. It can be 10 per page or 100 as you keep the settings in your personalized browser. Well, it’s quite obvious that potential users searching for some important information would not click on the pages falling at the bottom. But at those appearing on the very first results. So the AMP works as an indeed imperative for them. Google promotes the websites having AMP in their optimization. So it’s a boosting package for those websites lagging behind the Google’s SERP as well as a rich mobile experience.

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