Top Wearable Apps to Consider in 2022

July 16, 2021

Smartwatch wearables came into the limelight by Samsung when it launched its Samsung Galaxy Gear in the year 2013. Apple analyzed this and promptly initiated its own R&D, which brought an Apple Watch to the table in 2015.

Smartwatch wearables are now observing the same trend as smartphones when it comes to reputation as wearable technology is enhancing the user experience like never before. Being a professional Wearable App Development Company we focus on trending technologies and the latest updates to develop the advanced features, so customers can keep pace with the ever-changing market demands.

If you are a new smartwatch user and don’t know which apps to use on it, here we have mentioned a list of apps that you can download from the app store without any cost.

1.Google Maps

Google Maps help you to navigate faster and easier. You will get real-time GPS navigation, traffic, and transit info along with alternate routes if available.

This app includes an in-built compass and a global mapping system for any address globally. As the app is compatible with smartwatches, you don’t have to depend on your mobile phones to reach any destination.

Download for Android and iOS.


It is a shopping list app with a good design, various options, and wearable OS support that will help you to manage and plan separate shopping lists. You can also share these lists with anyone you want and enable them to add items to the list if needed.

The app does not have any in-app purchases or ads. You can download it for free.

Download for Android.


Uber is a cab booking app with all the necessary features that aid you in booking a cab more conveniently through a smartwatch. Uber provides the price details for your trip on the smartwatch screen. You can also call the uber driver and track the status of your booked cab.

The app also enables you to call an emergency number while riding the cab.

Download for Android and iOS.


This music app is being used to identify any song in seconds. It comprises multiple features through which you can discover artists, lyrics, videos, and playlists without paying a single penny for it. You just need to create an account to use it on different devices.

This app also lets you listen to your playlist of Spotify and Apple music and sing along with time-synced lyrics.

Download for Android and iOS.

5.App in the Air

This app is a unique flying assistant that aids you to keep updated even when you are on your flight. The app works offline and notifies you of gate changes and real-time flight status through SMS without any roaming charges.

You will also get airport tips and in-airport navigation maps. This app lets you check in automatically for up to 2 passengers.

Download for Android and iOS.


Google’s basic calculator app takes the trouble out of calculating tips. This pocket calculator is one of the top smartwatch apps that lets you calculate from your smartwatch. Along with basic functions, this calculator also performs scientific calculations trigonometric, square root, modulo pi, and much more.

For now, the app is functional with selective devices such as the HUAWEI Watch, Moto 360 Gen 1 and 2, Asus Zen watch, etc.

Download for Android.

7.Simple Wear

If you want to change the settings of your smartphones like Wifi, BlueTooth, DND, etc. The Simple Wear app is all you need. But you have to install this app on your mobile phone as well as in the smartwatch to make it usable.

This app also lets you lock the phone, turn the flashlight on/off, data connection changes, set sleep-timer to switch off the phone, check battery percentage and charging status.

Download for Android.

8.Authenticator Plus

This app is very useful when it comes to the high security of your online accounts like social media or email. Authentication Plus generates 2-step verification codes to safeguard your account with your password and phone. The code is visible on your smartwatch, so no need to open your mobile phone.

This app has 256-bit AES encryption and pin lock security that will keep your code protected. Automatic backup is also generated that provides additional security to your accounts.

Download for Android and iOS.

9.Microsoft Outlook

This all-in-one app keeps you linked and safe with your email, calendar, and files. With a single account, you can use this app on multiple devices. You can read your emails and send them, transfer attachments, track calendars, and create schedules directly via your smartwatch.

This app also lets you listen to your emails with the “Play my emails” option without operating your mobile device. Connect with office docs such as word, excel, PowerPoint, etc., and control them.

Download for Android and iOS.


Glide is the quickest live video messenger app that will provide the comfort of texting with the significance of video chat. You can share true moments as they arise, and have quality facetime with your friends and families.

You can reply with texts/audio messages to video messages directly from the smartwatch. The app also has some premium features which you can access by paying for it.

Download for Android and iOS.

Summing Up

All these wearable apps will help you to get rolling with your smartwatch in 2021. There is an extensive range of apps on the Play Stores that you can leverage as per your preferences.

With the latest updates and app innovations, you can do considerably more than expected with these tiny screens of wearable devices. We believe that some of these apps will surely encourage you to try them out on your smartwatch.

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