Thinking of Apps? Think Samsung Foldable Phone! Slay it all in the Apps!

Samsung Foldable Phone OS
April 19, 2019

Samsung has always been at the top when it comes to Technology. And technology is what associated with information, in-depth knowledge and smart hardware. Samsung’s all-new foldable smartphone is all about containing mobile apps that slay the features down compatible with the folding phone.

Well, for all mobile app developers and designers will have to think about this Samsung’s all-new foldable phone. In terms of designing its screens, splits of designs, UI elements and what not?

Nowadays there is a number of variations in Smartphones and their technologies. The foldable design is the new footstep in the world of Smartphones. This will definitely run a kind of sensation in everyone’s excitement for mobile phones and mobile applications.

Well, to redefine a definition of mobile apps in the world of foldable designs let’s explore some of the feature sets that fit the best in the same design.

So if you are thinking of mobile app development, do think of designing them in a foldable way.

Foldable relates flexible and its all about more space

We all know this foldable phone will have an extra large display for having an exclusive viewing experience. This will enhance the possibility of people doing business online such as viewing a real estate will be more pleasant than nowadays. It would be a larger canvas and an amazing viewing gallery for users. This visual treat will be experienced with all the mobile applications due to its wider screen and tab experience along with mobile like feel.

So the next point to be noted for the Android app developers is to embark their journey on wider screens and giving a visual treat while choosing designs for their apps.

If it’s gaming, no one can beat!

A larger display and foldable as desired makes an exclusive experience for users. And that too, when it comes to the gaming industry, they would win the battle by all means. Yes, it would be great to have a chat conversation with your bestie while playing your favourite game. Start your favourite live sports and play your favourite game.

The form factor in the latest evolving games will be inclined to get a more optimized three-dimensional view. So the mobile apps would have major consideration for playing with a parallel in folded phones, be it a game application or chat application one. Playing in parallel with so confidential office work is possible with folded mobile phones.

Multiple Tasks, Multiuser functionality

Doing multiple tasks is a new fond of new generations and millenniums. They won’t be sticking to one task and get along with it. The all new Samsung Foldable phone is meant for the same.

Multiuser facilitates all users with its functionality to have fun together. Whether they are games or mobile apps with education purpose, it will be quite easier to learn and have fun together. Two separate screens with folded experience will be like never before. Also, there is a multi-task functionality that lets the user enable doing things together at any time and at any instance, be it office work or household purchase, doing it at convenience is all about Foldable Smartphone.


So the very next time when you start developing a mobile application for Android, do look for the features that fit in the Foldable SmartPhone, which is so much into flexibility and comfort. Android app developers will do experience a change in learning the features and functionality mainly in the design thing to get this Foldable device thing done!

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