Internet of Things & Automotive Industry: Introduction to Essentials!

Internet Of Things
May 15, 2019

Emerging technologies like the internet of things and artificial intelligence have transformed everything from top to bottom. Be it top-notch industries or high-end education systems. The automotive industry has always been at the top when it comes to humans’ lifestyle and moving luxury.

Internet of things has taken place for all the modern technologies out there. As this arising technology has many wings under the hat.

Talking about the automotive industry, we have never seen a vehicle/car that connects, communicates, and behaves for and as per the driver’s direction.

Let’s have a brief elaboration over how the Internet of Things connects with the Cars or the Automotive Industry?

New Concepts:

Autonomous cars

The concept of autonomous cars is not digestible since it’s not in the implementation neither is near to get in real-life experiences.

Internet of things is all about taking cars’ concept to the next level. As we know, elevators were running with manual efforts and now we have elevators with a completely automatic system.

Currently, the situation is somewhat the same with the manual driving of lift and so for the cars. Autonomous cars are meant to connect with the internet of things and are all driven by artificial intelligence.

The autonomous cars will be able to communicate, entertain their drivers and do something more extra to the current status of cars i.e., dead objects

Shared Mobility

The idea of shared mobility is completely acceptable and is in execution for the urban areas. Currently, following the trend of Uber and Lyft, there is so much to say for the shared mobility in suburban areas.

Whereas the dense cities areas are likely to face individuality in having automotive. Shared mobility has two aspects of connecting with cars and connecting with people.

The people will enjoy the great convenience of sharing the trips using a single interface of digital platform i.e., artificial intelligence-driven mobile application

Connected Cars

Connected cars are having a dual concept of getting connected. These connected cars would be connecting objects with each other. Just like we humans communicate with each other. Plus the connected cars can be connected with the outer world.

As the term connected cars eventually reflect the networking of cars. The connected cars can predict and fetch accurate information about the traffic signals, weather conditions, and more of a great provision for providing complete infotainment in the car.

How does the internet of things relate to a combined view of digital transformation in the automotive industry?

Internet of things – all over the emerging technologies, this term is grabbing the most attention. Because not is it easy to spell, but it has everything to make things connected, automatic and communicative.

The automotive industry is doing having a long-term view regarding people, atmosphere, and economy. The current scenario of the automotive industry does not follow any strictness and balancing between the climate, people, and economy.

What digital transformation with the use of Internet of things solutions can do is, giving exposure to shared rides, autonomous rides will bring more individuality in dense cities and converting commute times into value-added times.

Concluding the fact that technology can alter the heart of the industries and people’s needs more innovatively and conveniently of living. IoT solutions and mobile application development based on that are getting convertible.

There will be more exposure to convenience, entertainment, zero emissions due to electrified cars and definitely saving a lot of commute times which will eventually help in strengthening the economy as well as life balance.

The current situation of Mobile Application Development

Considering the current scenario, there are mobile applications for everything. Software engineers are busy innovating and developing great smartphone applications. But what will be changed in the upcoming time?

The internet of things would change the way we look at apps.

IoT Technology will need an app for everything. Each device would be smart enough to understand some specific schedule of humans and their daily routines. So there will be smart Software Applications for everything i.e., smartwatch, smart device, smart fridge anything humans choose to have, will have artificial intelligence and so the internet of things making things connected.  

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