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location based app ideas
April 29, 2020

You might have ordered food from Zomato. You may have booked a cab for traveling. Some users may book flights using mobile apps when they plan their holiday. Such apps are location-based mobile applications that help users make their lives easier. These location-based apps are used by people daily to enjoy a comfortable life. Mobile apps have dominated our world and location-based apps have transformed the way we live.

Did you know that more than 85% of the apps installed in your smartphone use geolocation features? Many of us aren’t aware of the same. With the growing popularity of geolocation apps, many business owners are investing in such mobile applications. They have become a useful tool for people for immediate solutions to their requirements. You can order food when you’re hungry. You can make new friends on social media platforms when you are new to a particular city. A lot of startups and business owners are looking for location-based apps ideas to deliver amazing experiences to the users.

Here are some useful tips and tricks to help you build an amazing location-based mobile app for your business:

Conduct in-depth research

According to a recent survey, every third adult uses geolocation services at least once a week. Whether you want to build a dating app or a social networking mobile application, it is essential to look for the best location-based app ideas. Conduct online research and brainstorm a unique location-based app idea.

According to a recent study, more than 92% of mobile users make use of location-based apps at least 5-8 times a day. As such apps address specific tasks, they are used by the people in their everyday lives. Different technologies such as Geofencing, Wi-Fi, Cellular ID, and many more are used to gather real-time information for location-based apps. You need to understand how geolocation apps work before you develop one.

Location-based apps can help you interact with your users and help your business grow. Do some research over the internet and look for unique features of a geolocation app. iOS and Android platforms already have a lot of mobile apps under different categories. It can be a good idea to have a look at the competitors’ apps and try to understand their features and functionality. For instance, if you are looking for online food ordering mobile application, you should download a few similar apps and try to think of the missing elements in those apps.

List down the features of the app

Prepare a list of the features you may need in your app. Jot down all the features you’re looking for before you start talking to the mobile app developers.

Prepare a wireframe

If you want to bring your idea into a reality, you should create a wireframe for the app. Put your app development idea on paper and develop a storyboard. All you need is a paper and pen to design a wireframe of your app.

Choose the right technology stack

Selecting the right technology stack for your location-based mobile app is important. You can talk to mobile app developers and get suggestions for the technology and tools that would be used in your app. Discuss your project requirements with some of the leading mobile app developers and get professional advice.

Ensure data safety

Data protection laws are getting stricter across the globe. You need to consider the existing legal regulations in different countries you are targeting. It is important to protect the customers’ data in location-based apps.

Estimate cost of location-based app development

Once you have the location-based app idea in mind, you should look for the best agency to help you with mobile app development. The cost of such app development would depend on various factors such as the platforms used, experience and expertise of the development agency, features required, and more.


We’ve picked some of the great location-based mobile app development ideas for your startup. Depending on your business plan and preference, you can choose the right strategy for building your mobile app. Do some research for the leading mobile apps in the market and come up with your idea for the geolocation app. With millions of location-based apps on the app store, you need to think of unique and interesting ideas on how to build a money-making app for your business.

Health and Fitness

Have you always wanted a personal fitness buddy? How about a health and fitness app on your mobile? Won’t it be a good idea to build a fitness tracker mobile app that helps people live a healthy lifestyle? Developing location-based health and fitness tracking can be a good idea to help people get healthier.

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Dating app

A lot of people use dating apps to communicate with like-minded people around them. Such apps leverage the user’s location and help them connect with other users. You might have heard about Tinder. The app works on geolocation where the users can look for the people nearby and start chatting.


Almost all of us may have used Google Maps to reach a specific location. Even if the users need to search for the restaurants around them, they may use location-based navigation apps and reach the right destination. Navigation and mapping apps can suggest different types of venues to the users and make their lives easier. If you create a user-friendly location-based navigation app, the users would love to use it quite often.


Leading retailers all over the world are looking for new ways to engage the customers. Geolocation tracking apps can help to augment their in-store experience. Users can locate the stores near them and choose a convenient pickup or delivery location. Food delivery or on-demand grocery apps are some of the popular examples of such apps.

Social networking app

People are more inclined towards using social networking apps in 2021. Users can create, share, and discuss various topics with the help of location-based social networking mobile application. So, if you are planning to build a social networking app, make sure that you integrate the geolocation feature into it to amplify the user experience.

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When it comes to developing a gaming app, most people ignore GPS for smartphone games. Do you remember Pokemon Go? What a great buzz the game had created among the people of all age groups? Isn’t it? Location-based games can be a good idea to engage the users and keep them glued to their seats for a longer time as they get engrossed playing the game.

Travel app

Some people who love traveling choose to make online bookings before the actual travel date. They use travel apps to figure out where they would be staying, what places they would visit, and plan their journey well in advance. Location-based travel apps can help users enjoy a hassle-free business or leisure trip.

Case study: View our developed travel booking app

Food ordering app

How many times do you use Zomato for ordering your food? Such food delivery apps use geolocation to deliver the meals at the customers’ location. Accurate location can help to deliver the food to the customers on time.

Case study: View our developed online food delivery service app

Weather app

A lot of people use weather apps while traveling. Weather apps can be used to keep a check on the uncontrollable weather changes and get weather forecasts. You can plan to build a weather app with geolocation to help people keep a track of the changing weather conditions.


A lot of people prefer to order products online to save a lot of time and effort. Ecommerce apps make use of geolocation to deliver the goods at the right location and enhance the customer experience.

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Final Thoughts

The sky is the limit when it comes to unique location-based mobile app development ideas for 2021. Brainstorm different app development ideas and build the right app that can help you make huge revenue with minimal investment. Look for the best mobile app development agency to transform your unique idea into a reality. Privacy and security of such apps may always remain a challenge for geolocation apps. Pay special attention to the security of the app while developing your app. Using multi-factor authentication can be a good idea to reduce the risk of the sensitive location being sent to attackers or hackers.

If you have an app development idea in mind, talk to the experts and they can help you plan the right features for your mobile app. Think of the best ways to increase the app’s engagement with the users. So, what are you waiting for? Use your imagination and think of building a cool location-based app for your business.

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