CRM for Higher Education- Features and Benefits You Should Know in 2023

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February 24, 2023

Globally, most countries accept education as a fundamental right for their citizens. Many countries have rightly perceived access to basic education as a duty toward people. In other words, citizens have the right to attain at least a basic level of education.

However, when it comes to higher education or tertiary education the whole scenario gets changed. Be it quality or cost, the attainment of higher education causes some challenges and brings complexities. It results in a gender gap and other negative aspects.

As per the Global Gender Gap Report 2020, as many as 88 percent of females had primary education as compared to the same for males with 91 percent, but when it comes to tertiary education, this percentage reduces to 41 percent, but it is still higher than the same for males at just 36 percent. The following graph shows the gender gap in educational attainment.

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In this article, we are going to see the role of advanced CRM solutions in addressing the challenges of higher education and how a custom software development company can assist.

Let’s start from the scratch.

What is a CRM for Higher Education?

As per the UNESCO report on higher education, over 235 million students are enrolled in different universities across the world. Though we witness a boom in the demand, the overall enrollment ratio in higher education stood at 40 percent due to large differences in attainment between various countries.

Advancing technology strives to meet this issue with the help of a custom CRM for higher education. CRM stands for custom relationship management. CRM software designed specifically for colleges and universities is known as a CRM for higher education or college CRM software.

A reputed custom software development company can build such a CRM solution to enable HEIs (Higher Education Institutes) to interact with students, their parents, alumni, staff members, and employers effectively. As the student’s demands and expectations keep on changing rapidly, HEIs have to switch to CRM to reply to these demands properly.

Usually, higher education CRM systems can manage communications with three main types of audiences- prospective students, existing or current students, and alumni or donors. A custom software development company can build a robust CRM solution for streamlining admission, enrollment, and other processes.

As online education has started gaining ground quickly due to the advent of the pandemic, most admission offices have implemented a paperless process, the CRM can enable them to manage both inquiries and application processes. It also assists staff members to improve communication and coordination over the period.

Before looking at the key benefits of a CRM for higher education, let’s go through some of its top features.

Top Features for Higher Education CRM

Customer relationship management (CRM) has brought radical changes in business processes across all industry sectors, and the education sector is also no exception!

Though considered a siloed industry, the education sector can streamline processes, improve internal communication, and enhance operational management with the help of a feature-rich CRM solution for higher education.

Some of the key features of the higher education CRM include automated workflows, student lifecycle management, counselor productivity monitoring, notifications, enrolment and application management, and a customised dashboard. A custom software development company can build a CRM with all the necessary features for your HEI.

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How to Choose the Right Higher Education CRM?

A Technavio report has predicted that the higher education market will grow at a CAGR of over 12 percent by 2023. The rise of internationalisation in the education sector is one of the biggest drivers for this market. This diagram tells the story of the growth of the higher education sector so far.

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Selecting the most suitable CRM software for your college or university is imperative to leverage its benefits. However, determining the best CRM for your higher education institution is based on multiple factors including budgetary limitations.

Here are the important factors to consider to choose the best CRM for your higher education institution.

  1. Highly Customisable

The CRM solution should be highly flexible and customisable so that colleges can add the necessary functionality and integrate the solution into the existing system with ease. Here, you can either opt for an out-of-the-box or a customised CRM solution.

  1. Implementation Costs

Some CRMs offer value-added features, whereas some CRMs offer the same features without spending additional costs. Also, some CRM solution providers include training and support packages in the implementation costs. It is, therefore, essential to know which additional services are available and which services are covered in the implementation cost.

  1. Licensing Costs

This factor plays a crucial role especially when the vendor takes the licensing fee based on per user or per student. Along with this, the contract commitments and other terms and conditions should be taken into the account.

  1. Integration Capability

Your CRM should be capable of integrating with other third-party software like payment gateways and student information systems. Also, the CRM solution should support the marketing campaigns of colleges. For example, SMS and messaging campaigns during admission and examination processes should go well with the CRM software.

Apart from these aspects, you should consider the factors like higher security, robust hosting, better compliance, and scalability when selecting a CRM for higher education.

However, it is better to contact a renowned custom software development company in India to get a CRM solution with desired features.

Key Benefits of Education CRM Software

A specialized CRM has many benefits to offer to the higher education sector.

Here are some of the most common benefits of a CRM solution for colleges and educational institutions.

  • Improved Engagement

CRM software can enable colleges to come up with a unique and effective plan for student engagement. HEIs can keep students updated about campus events and extracurricular events quickly. It can further boost student engagement and build strong relationships with the community consisting of existing students and alumni.

  • Optimised Processes

Admission and examination processes play a vital role in the student lifecycle and workflows of colleges. Customised CRMs can optimise both of these processes by bringing automation to the registration process. These CRMs are also useful in applicant data processing, student progress monitoring, and interview scheduling so that colleges can streamline the process.

  • Personalised Experience

There is no exaggeration in mentioning that a CRM solution can help professors, advisors, and instructors provide students with better assistance. Also, historical data can enable colleges and universities to help struggling students with personalised experiences. CRM software can show a 360-degree view of every student so that universities can establish personalised interactions.

  • Streamlined Workflows

One of the biggest benefits of a CRM system is it can handle routine tasks like processing admission documents and sending preset emails or alerts. As a result, the administrative team can get the advantage of streamlined workflows while managing their time more effectively. It eventually increases their productivity.

  • Saves Time & Effort

Custom software development companies integrate automation tools in the CRM systems. These tools can handle repetitive manual tasks thereby saving both time and effort for the college or university staff. As a result, the staff can focus on some important activities including interpersonal communication.

  • Increased Transparency

This is an inherent characteristic of a CRM solution. It increases transparency across different departments by offering real-time data. It also plays a vital role in the decision-making process and keeps all the college departments on the same page. Also, a CRM system for colleges has a built-in self-service portal that facilitates students to access their personal information.

How to Make the Most of CRM Software Implementation in Your Institution?

Let’s face it! As per the Meta Group, Inc. study, anywhere between 55 percent to 75 percent of CRM implementation initiatives fail. Inadequate planning and improper execution are the main reasons behind the failure of CRM projects. Colleges, universities, and higher education institutions need to make a proper roadmap and set internal standards to leverage the benefits of CRM software.

A tailored CRM can handle all the processes ranging from application assessment to graduation of students. Colleges can attract more students and optimise operations related to admissions and training. Also, it is possible to maintain relationships with existing students and alumni through a tailored CRM.

In a Nutshell

Higher education acts as a catalyst in eradicating poverty and boosting shared prosperity by achieving inclusive growth of society. A feature-rich, robust CRM for higher education can assist HEIs to transform the relationships with prospective students, existing students, and alumni. It is better to consult a renowned custom software development service provider to make an effective CRM strategy and leverage its benefits through advanced in-built features.

As a leading custom software development company, we build feature-rich and highly customized CRM solutions for various sectors. We strive to meet business demands by integrating technological advancements into smart software.

Do you want to know more about our custom software development services? Simply drop us a line at [email protected] and our expert professionals will get back to you soon!

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