ChatGPT Top Advantages and Limitations You Need to Know

April 4, 2023


Anything you think of- question-answers, writing dialogues or scripts, creating emails, search queries, and even a code- you get right away using ChatGPT! What is the gist? Well, you can get human-like, smarter, engaging, and creative content with the help of OpenAI’s powerful tool. That’s not all, a custom software development services can also leverage the advantage of ChatGPT.

Since its advent, it has taken the Internet by storm and gained traction from technology companies, users, and investors alike. Let’s have an example of its immense popularity worldwide.

One million was considered a difficult milestone to achieve before the arrival of ChatGPT. Even two of the biggest brands Facebook and Spotify took 10 months and 5 months respectively. Then what made us believe that one million is easy to achieve? Well, this AI tool took just five days to achieve it! Yes, you read it right! It just took five days to get one million users.


This post aims to spread awareness around this miracle of AI known as ChatGPT. If you are curious to know more about its pros and cons we have got you covered!

Let’s start with its overview in brief. But, before moving ahead, here is useful terminology that will help you understand the concept.

Brief Overview
  • Open AI

A research firm that is known for building generative AI models and a maker of ChatGPT

  • Goal

To deliver the 21st century’s revolutionary technology that brings transformation

  • Technology

GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) that forms the building block of most NLP architectures

  • Language Models

Trained for conversations and models capable of predicting your next words based on your instructions

Talking about ChatGPT, it is a new AI chatbot that answers questions and takes clues from the user’s instructions in a conversational, human-like tone. What makes ChatGPT more robust and useful is its ‘knowledge’ of a wide range of topics. It is capable of performing a variety of tasks including translation, answering research questions, generating code, and writing songs. Be it serving customers using chatbots or creating content, ChatGPT can work wonders.

  • Interesting Stats
  • ChatGPT has set the milestone for the fastest-growing platform by gaining 100 million users by January 2023
  • Daily over 25 million users from across the world visit ChatGPT
  • ChatGPT has a huge dataset consisting of 300 billion words and 570 GB size
  • The predicted revenue for ChatGPT is USD 200 million by the end of 2023 and USD 1 billion by the end of 2024

How ChatGPT Works

ChatGPT is a language model that simulates human-like speech. OpenAI researchers have released four complex language models to date. Here is a graph showing the total computing used during GPT-3 training.


As per the seminal research report, OpenAI researchers trained GPT-3 with 96 attention layers and batch size of 3.2M, 175B (approximately size of 500GB) datasets and parameters. It consists of typical common crawl, books, Wikipedia, and other data sources. The mammoth size of training datasets makes GPT-3 and subsequent language models highly powerful and capable of bringing revolutionary changes.

Randomly, we asked about the plot of a famous play from Shakespeare ‘As You Like It’, and this is what we got:


Imagine which dataset it used for giving this detailed information!

It’s time to move to the top benefits of ChatGPT.

Top Benefits of ChatGPT to Integrate in Your:

Custom Software Development Services

ChatGPT is useful in automating customer services and creating chatbots. Also, tasks like researching, creating notifications, and data gathering remain easy with custom chatbots based on ChatGPT.

  • Improved Customer Service

Quick resolution of queries and the ability to offer a personalized experience can make ChatGPT enable to offer improved customer services. ChatGPT is known for understanding natural language processing quickly and generating meaningful conversation. Advancements in Deep AI, ML (Machine Learning), and NLP will make ChatGPT more powerful and facilitate developers to come up with exciting applications with user-centric features.

  • Higher Accuracy

One of the biggest benefits of ChatGPT is its exceptional accuracy. It can easily understand complex and human-like conversations with high accuracy and answers confidently. What’s more, it has adopted natural conversational language by providing detailed information for almost every aspect. Companies can automate customer support services and bring specific chatbots for handling various activities using the capabilities of ChatGPT.

  • Automated Testing

ChatGPT can transform software testing by bringing automation. It can generate test cases and scripts to bring radical changes in the testing process. The software development industry can leverage this benefit by making testing more efficient and quicker than before. ChatGPT can generate various test cases with the help of NLP (Natural Language Processing) and Machine Learning (ML). Also, ChatGPT can give all the game codes along with instructions.

  • Improved Experience

Microsoft has incorporated the AI model into Outlook for providing customers with accurate results from their inboxes even if they don’t type search queries correctly. Companies can integrate ChatGPT for improving customer experience as they can find the necessary information quickly even with typos in the keywords. Also, chatbots based on ChatGPT can save time and effort for customer service agents.

  • Enhanced Voice Assistance

Voice assistants like Alexa and Siri will leverage the advantage of sophisticated versions of ChatGPT for offering more personalised and accurate services. It will lead to increased customer satisfaction and more cost savings. ChatGPT can handle all mundane and repetitive customer service tasks so that customer service executives can focus more on other complex tasks over the period.

Apart from these benefits, ChatGPT makes it possible to provide users or customers with more personalised search results in a more conversational manner.

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  • Key Limitations of ChatGPT

Who knows the limitations of ChatGPT better than itself? So, here is a conversation regarding its weaknesses:


Let’s elaborate on these weaknesses one after another.

  • Biased Approach

Sometimes, ChatGPT shows a biased approach towards specific groups of people or ideas due to the biased training data.

  • Context-based Understanding

It can understand only context-based information, and that too, can be wrongly interpreted sometimes which leads to incorrect responses.

  • Lack of Creativity

Apart from generating accurate responses and texts mostly, the ChatGPT can write poetry also! Still, this AI tool is not much creative and fails to bring new ideas to resolve complex problems.

  • Absence of Emotions

ChatGPT lacks emotions and the ability to understand them. It cannot show empathy or emotional support like humans.

  • Limited Interaction

The interaction through ChatGPT is limited to text-based communication. As an AI tool, it has no capability for physical or other kinds of interaction.

It is fair to mention that ChatGPT is still in the early stages of development, and therefore, some limitations are obvious in this tool. However, we can expect that technological advancements will make ChatGPT more intelligent and human-like in the years to come.

Concluding Remarks

ChatGPT, an AI-powered software, can handle a variety of tasks with high accuracy and great efficiency. Be it writing an article or a programming code, giving an answer to a complex question, or solving problems in math, ChatGPT can accomplish such tasks with ease. This robust tool is still in a nascent stage and it is interesting to see how it rules the Internet in the coming time!

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