Best IoT Platforms to Try For Your Business In 2022

Best IoT Platforms
April 15, 2021

Today the Internet of Things is not a new term and now we have a new ecosystem around us that has been developed through the merger of the Internet of Things with the things present in the physical world. Many industries across the globe are experiencing this trend and following it for their own benefits in the form of increased profits, enhanced customer engagement, and better team management. 

What is an IoT platform?

IoT platform is used to automate and manage the connected devices and it is a multi-layer technology. In other words, it can be said that it is a kind of service that helps you bring together different devices, appliances, and objects online. This way you can achieve machine to machine communication through this service by connecting different devices. As we all know, IoT is a network of objects, different access points, and the edges of hardware and everything connected with an application used by the end-user.  

Top IoT platforms in the market

Google Cloud Platform

You get a IoT secure multi-layered infrastructure with Google Cloud. It helps you achieve operational efficiency through improvements. It offers real-time asset tracking, better solutions for smart cities, and predictive maintenance for equipment. 


  • Location intelligence
  • Real-time business insights for devices that are geographically away.
  • AI capabilities.
  • Machine learning capabilities.
  • Support for a wide range of operating systems. 

Different products offered by Google Cloud Platform

  • Google Data Studio​_
  • BigQuery
  • Cloud IoT Core
  • Cloud Machine Learning Engine
  • Cloud Pub/Sub

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Salesforce IoT Cloud

Salesforce IoT Cloud is one of the other IoT platforms which you can choose to go ahead with. Using this platform you can have all the data collected from partners, customers, sensors, and devices transformed into some meaningful actions. Cisco Systems, AWS, etc. even work as the partner connectors of this IoT platform. 


  • The traffic view in real-time.
  • Let’s you test business ideas without doing any coding.
  • You can use it to work on data from any said device.
  • You can import data from any source using the RESTful API. 
  • You can create device profiles to streamline the data coming from different devices and for customer context data in the CRM.
  • Creating and managing orchestration rules can be done without a CS degree.
  • You will be able to collect real data of product performance and usage.
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IRI Voracity

Voracity is a cost-effective yet fast platform used for data integration, discovery, governance, migration, and analytics. This can help to report, transform, and anonymize the streaming of device data through MQTT or Kafka. Voracity comes with a data manipulation engine that can help with faster aggregation; it also comes with full-stack Eclipse IDE which can be used for integration of graphical metadata-driven data and also for analytics. 


  • It replicates, migrates, leverages, and subsets IoT data for analytics, data leaks, archival, and playbooks. 
  • This platform connects and integrates logs, sensors, and other different data sources. 
  • It comes with a data-wrangling node that is fit-for-purpose to anonymize and aggregate IoT data and feed machine learning nodes and IoT mining. 
  • It runs on a range of different platforms like Windows, Linux, and Unix, from a z/Linux mainframe to a Raspberry Pi.
  • Consolidated data filtering, cleansing, masking, reporting, and transformation.   

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The development lifecycle of IoT applications can be managed with ThingWorx. This platform lets to access your data whether from the hybrid environment, on-premise, and off-premise. Choosing ThingWorx will help you with reduced costs, increased uptime, improved compliance, and role-based control & visibility. 


  • Develop and deploy projects
  • Analyze data
  • Connect devices
  • IoT application data can be accessed across different environments.

Different products offered by ThingWorx

  • AR Tools & Solutions
  • Industrial Internet of Things Software
  • CAD software
  • PLM Software
  • PTC Mathcad software
  • Service Lifecycle Management software

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Particle offers IoT solutions for device cloud, hardware, apps, and connectivity. Being IoT software, it offers Device Cloud, Device OS, developer tools, and IoT Rules Engine. For the purpose of connectivity, it offers three products namely Mesh, Wi-Fi, and Cellular. In order to train for the weather casting product, Opti uses Particle.


  • It offers a cloud which is firewall-protected.
  • This platform can be used without any kind of needed expertise
  • You can integrate it with anything by using the REST API for data.
  • It can work on data that is even on Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc.  
  • It offers a reliable and robust infrastructure
  • Whether for software, hardware, and connectivity, it offers you a single solution. So you will not have to work again for integration.

Different products offered by Particle

  • Asset tracking
  • Micromobility
  • Compliance reporting
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Environmental monitoring

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IBM Watson IoT

Using this platform you can capture data from different machines, devices, and equipment and investigate them to make better decisions. You can optimize resources and operations through this platform. The business gets to boost its revenue to a great extent through bidirectional communication arrangement and by offering the right business insights. 


  • Offers security
  • Analytics and AI
  • Analytics service comes as an add-on
  • Has domain expertise
  • Flexible solutions are offered
  • Real-time data captured

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Microsoft Azure IoT Suite

Different industry niches can make use of this IoT solution. It offers predictive maintenance, connected products, smart spaces, and remote monitoring. 


The IoT platform can be used by beginners and experts equally.

  • You can build robust applications using this open platform
  • You can start by going with open source IoT Templates and an IoT SaaS.  
  • Different products offered by Azure IoT Suite
  • Time Series Insights
  • Azure IoT Hub
  • Maps
  • Azure Sphere
  • Azure IoT Edge
  • Digital twins
  • Accelerators
  • Azure IoT Central

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Amazon AWS IoT Core

Amazon AWS IoT Core is a managed cloud service. AWS IoT Cloud will let you connect your devices with the cloud as well as interact with cloud applications and other devices. It offers support for the lightweight communication protocol, HTTP, and MQTT. 


  • It lets you have secure access to different devices.
  • A large number of messages can be processed
  • You can even make use of other AWS services like Amazon QuickSight, Amazon Kinesis, AWS Lambda, etc.
  • Even when you are not connected, your applications will communicate and track.
  • When you have to route the messages to other devices or AWS endpoints, it can be considered as a secure and reliable platform. 

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Oracle IoT

You can connect your devices to the cloud with the help of Oracle IoT Cloud. Once done that, you can perform data integration from web services or enterprise applications and perform analysis on the data in real-time from these devices. By making use of REST API, it offers integration support for IoT devices, and for Oracle and non-oracle applications. 


  • It offers features like data enrichment and stream processing to analyze the data.
  • The platform will help you to extend the ERP, supply chain, HR, and applications for customer experience. 
  • Integration can be achieved for IoT devices, Oracle, and non-oracle applications using REST API. 
  • It can help you improve employee productivity and operational efficiency. 
  • It offers features like endpoint management, high-speed messaging, and device virtualization. 

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Altair SmartWorks

This offers an end-to-end IoT platform for your project and works by offering a platform as a service. It will help you build and run the app, collect data, connect devices, and manage data and devices. It offers functionalities like custom alarms, data export, device management, triggers, rules, and Listeners. 


  • It comes with an open architecture
  • You can send JSON or XML data using REST API
  • It is possible to connect with any devices like machines, gateways, sensors, etc. using SmartWorks. 

Cost: The platform is free for two devices and if you wish to connect more, contact the vendor for pricing. 

Cisco IoT Cloud Connect

This is mobility cloud-based software and is for mobile operators. Cisco IoT cloud will completely utilize and optimize the network. Cisco comes with IoT solutions for security, networking, and data management.


  • It offers centralized security controls, better control, and visibility by stopping intrusion and malware, and protects the control system from human attacks & errors. 
  • Real-time and granular visibility
  • Updates are available at every network level.

Different products offered by Google Cloud Platform

  • Built-in security
  • IoT Management
  • IoT networking
  • IoT data management

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Final thoughts

So by going through the different IoT platforms mentioned above you must have got an idea of the capabilities that it offers when you connect your system and devices with the network. Higher revenues, improved decision making, and excellent customer experiences are a few of the prominent benefits of a connected system.

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