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Smital Sir

Smital Pandit


Smital Pandit is an accomplished techpreneur who wears many hats! He is a founder, strategic investor, and a techy. He has a rare combination of technical expertise and administrative abilities. For over 15 years, he has successfully driven an IT business with world-class operations and software development services. He is a founder cum director at Silicon IT Hub Pvt. Limited- a leading enterprise software development company.

As the Founder of Silicon IT Hub, Smital looks after domestic and international businesses when teams of experienced developers serve a global corporate clientele with advanced and sophisticated software. He is very good at maintaining a subtle balance between the client’s requirements and budget thereby gaining optimum satisfaction.

He co-founded Everything Civic back in 2015 and launched a flagship product “SmartCity 311” application. It is a complete suite to manage, supervise, and regularize cities and towns to make them more liveable. It simplifies reporting for Government Field officers and addressing non-emergency service requests of citizens.

Smital also likes to share his thoughts on technologies, tools, IT services, innovation, leadership, and everything in between. His core competencies include-

– Strategy, Vision & Project Planning
– Sales & Marketing strategy design
– Cost Analysis & Profit planning
– Company policy and implementation
– Government Regulations & Relations
– Public Relations & Resources management

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