Android OS And All Brand-New Foldable Phones – Questions, Features & More

Samsung Foldable Phone OS
April 23, 2019

So now the phones are not limited to rigid screen and tight structure. Moreover, not rigid to flexibility as well in app screens and its interface. The excitement for bending your phone down with no “ouch” moment is already here. Yes, you can officially bend your phone and watch your favourite movie on a more wider screen.

Android has always been the top of the world when it comes to Smartphone. In fact, Android and iOS have introduced what a Smartphone means to the world. Featuring this foldable Smart Device in the world, Android will bring many different things in its bucket that would add glory to Samsung’s new foldable phone and other foldable phones as well.

Android has kept its journey towards versions of operating systems starting from  Android cupcake to Android Pie.

Well, introducing this folding design will leave users in splits with Android. As it has already started giving hints for supporting fold designs in the Android Q version of it.

What Android Q’s second Beta Version holds for Foldable SmartPhones?

Android Q Beta – it has everything from previewing the posts before sharing them on social media platforms to fundamentals of gesture navigations that can continue giving the same performance on switching between the screens. The former can save you from social media savage and unexpected disaster while the later is all about doing multiple things on single phone i.e., backing the idea of the foldable phone which splits between the screens and still maintains the app continuity.

Does this Android Q Beta support Samsung’s Foldable Phone?

Android Q Beta does have some specifications regarding this all-new hold of a foldable device. It prevents social media posting disasters, having maximum foldability and provisions for switching between screens.

Android Q does support all new foldable emulator. This emulator lets developers know how mobile apps would perform on foldable phones. Also, it would help in defining the user interface elements for gaming applications. We can say Google has already started giving hints to Foldable designs of SmartPhones.

Bubbles – making a new way for Folds

This Android Q is already holding a great way of supporting bubbles. This is a new way for multitasking using different applications and building interactions with multiple tasks and people. This will not stop people doing multiple tasks at a time and will be doubling the production hours. For example: having a conversation with friends while watching maps would be easy and quite common with this feature.

What would be the launch like of All Foldable SmartPhones?

The invention of SmartPhones was greatly accepted by all the users and it was an epic moment to see people having large screen phones. The all-new foldable phones would be a kind of innovation in terms of design and flexibility of mobile app development. This will be an excitement for all age groups of users. This new era of entertainment will join multiple things, businesses and sync the system in an organized manner.


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